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by - March 18, 2014

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

R series Sweet Seduction of Everlasting Romance

I'm happy to share with readers and uolls today bout R Series Luxury Set from Cosway. Pinky-pinky uolls. Indulge your body in this luxurious personal care range, delicately fragrances with the timeless scent of everlasting romance. Recapture the sweet moment and exquisite joys of first love.

R Series Luxury Set

R Series Luxury Set from Cosway consists of Body Spray, Body Powder, 
Deodorant, Hand & Body Lotion and  EDP Spray.

Normal Price for R Series Luxury Set : RM 65.80
I bought this R Series Luxury Set for RM29.90 only.
 Whoaa, tengah campaign murah ni. Price on February-March 2014 
(50% discount + member price). Terus grab, tunggu lagi kan.

1 - Hand & Body Lotion
2 - Deodorant
3 - Body Spray
4 - Body Powder
5 - EDP Spray

Normal Price for each of the product. Peninsular / Sabah Sarawak.

Body Spray
Code: 78114 (75ml)
A luxuriously fragrant, deodorising body spray that awakens the feminine senses and keeps body beautifully scented for refined confidence all day long.

Body Powder
Code: 78115 (100g)
An irresistibly soft and velvety body powder that helps body stay comfortably fresh and dry for day long confidence. Leaves skin silky to the touch.

Code: 78116 (50g)
An alcohol-free deodorant that keeps body softly scented for hours. Contains natural deodorizing properties that provide lasting protection against body odor.

Eau de Perfume
Code : 78148 (30ml)
A sensually romantic fragrance that recaptures the sweet moments and exquisite joys of true love found. Its smooth, alluring blend of velvety woods, extravagant floral and seductive musk evokes the indescribable feeling of love that's essentially romantic. Embrace the passion and magical moment of Everlasting Romance. Comes in an all-new, elegant perfume bottle that resembles the pure femininity of a sensual woman.

Hand & Body Lotion
Code: 78117 (200ml)
A lightweight, non-greasy lotion that absorbs easily onto skin. It contains a unique blend of natural emollients and conditioners that provides lasting hydration for supple skin.

Told uolls, wangi sangat dia punya bau. Seriously.
Kalau buat giveaway hadiah R Series Luxury Set ni agak2 ada orang nak tak. Hehe.

Lot's of Love from Shad, 18.3.2014

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15 Comment

  1. waah buat2 nnt kita join!hehe
    yang lotion tu kita penah guna memang wangi..terbaiklah!

  2. pernah beli set ni..yg cepat sngt hbis perfume dia..yg paling lmbat losyennye..huhu..mmg wangi!

  3. op kos nenot nak......sebab saye peminar sedia losyen pink nie..kalau dapat 1 set free...wahhhh,bestnye

  4. try laa buat, mmg ada join tuu..=)

  5. Syaza pun guna produk R Series ni. Sama macam Shad juga beli dgn harga Rm 29.90. Seriously, produk ni wangi sangat ^^

  6. Serius losyen pink uh memang wangi gilaaaaaaaaaaa . Kawan kita dah penah pakai tau tau . nak nak !

  7. R series ni ade promosi lg x ....

  8. R series ni ade promosi lg x ....

  9. R series nie skrg brpa harganya....

  10. R series nie skrg brpa harganya....

  11. hai shad, saya citra dari indonesia. saya mau bertanya sedikit tentang r series hand body ne. ada tak efek pemakaian jangka lama. thank u


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