About Me

Hello everyone and Salam

I'm Shad and I'm so happy you're here! In case we haven't met before, here's the long version of who I am. From Malaysia and currently working as Junior Digital Marketer in a company for 2 years and counting.  Born on October 1991, I am still single and happy to be with my parents.  

Passion drives me in all things. I am passionate at beauty, books and graphic design. I love reading so much. As I grow older, the reading material change from time to time and I am pleasure to share my thought for those who are seeking for recommendation before buying and reading any books as I did the same thing too. And as a woman, I do love taking care of my appearance like every woman out there in the world. I love to try new skincare and experimenting with it. Sharing a skincare review on blog can give me a happy pills. As a digital marketer, graphic designing become part of my life. I am happy to become someone that contribute in growing the company. 

I wish to spread the positive vibes through my life story, random thought that I share on blog. Hope we can achieve and see a better and positive version of us here. Life is a choice. And I choose to be happy.