Race Start in Malaysia | Running Man coming soon in Malaysia

by - September 26, 2014

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.
I wish to all with a good health. And always happy.

So, this entry is about my passion. An awesome Korean reality show, Running Man.
Told you, Running Man's members are coming soon to Malaysia. Race Start!

The members who'll come are Jee Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, 
Song Ji Hyo and Haha. Awesome.. Ohho, why Garry's not coming? Hehe.

Good news to all Malaysian, especially those who's a big fan of Running Man.*big grin*.
Satisfy your Korean cravings with Cream-O and you could win a once-in-a-lifetime 
opportunity to hangout with the cast of Malaysian's favorite Korean variety TV show!
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How to win an awesome prize? Exclusive autograph and Concert tickets? 
Wow! awesome right! This is *crazy. Huhu. How to win? Just an easy steps. 
Snap your most creative picture by giving the OK sign and how Cream-O makes 
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Win 15x Passes for an exclusive Autograph Session and 25x Concert Tickets to Race Start
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4 Comment

  1. wahhh..akhirnya diorang datang juga kat sini..

  2. Running man daebak !! Akhirnya sampai jugak ke Malaysia, tapi sayangnya takdapat nak pergi sebab jauh.. huhu

  3. bila agaknya diorang nak film kat Malaysia


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