Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser Review

by - April 24, 2015

Greeting and Assalamualaikum to all.

Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser Review. Olla. Do yo put some make-up?  Removing make-up is much more delicate than putting it on. Right? We may think that just using our hands, cleanser and a few splashes of water is enough to clean our face, but it really is not. While dull and dry skin can make our look older than we really are, there is a simpler way to achieve glowing skin without splurging on expensive spa treatments and facials. Add a little light exfoliation with the Pobling Sonic Pore Cleanser, a sonic micro-massager that will solve all your beauty woes in an instant. Skip the intro. Hehe.

The big problem of mine when it comes to acne. And it happen to appear a day after when and whenever I put on some make-up together with foundation and other. Thinking of that, I think that maybe I don't put so much effort to clean my face cleanly after having a make-up. You know, sometimes I fall asleep with my make-up still in my face. NO GOOD. Acne really piss me off. How I overcome this? By using Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser of course! Before we go further on my personal opinion over this product. Let’s start by checking out the benefits and what make this product worth to try.

Key Features/Benefits of this Pobling includes; it help to removes makeup better than manual cleansing, leaves skin feeling and looking smoother, removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best, reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes, it also removes excess oil, dirt, blackheads and whiteheads yet gentle on the skin, plus it minimizes the appearance of large pores and helps to block dirt from entering the skin. Simply apply it on cleansed face and let the gadget work its magic to reveal smoother, finer looking visage. Add on, this product is portable for home or travel use.

Let's have a look on the characteristics below that will make you have one for yourself.

Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser (Korea)
  1. 100% Korea imported product.
  2. 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute provide deep pore cleansing.
  3. Soft micro fine brushes, suitable for sensitive skin and eye area.
  4. Water-resistant, can use in the shower.
  5. Easy head replacement.
  6. Use 1 AAA battery.
  7. Light and travel-friendly.
  8. Excellent cleansing effect, remove heavy make up, minimize enlarged pores.

Here come the review. This is an excellent product for me. Really help a lot. It really removes makeup better than manual cleansing because of the micro fiver that provide deep cleansing pores. The micro fiver is soft and don't irritate my skin and eyes area. Completely clean my skin and I can say bye bye to acne. People said, when the skin is completely clean from impurities it will absorb vitamins, moisturizers and other skin care products well. That's why I call this Pobling is an excellent product. 

Another point for this Pobling, is the head replacement. I found it is convenient when we can replace the brush heads if the deformed micro fiver can no longer be used. Another bonus point from that, we can share one tool with the whole family. Just purchase different brush head to each family member. Save right.

How to use this Pobling? An easy tool to use. It is easy as A, B, C. First, wet your skin and brush with enough warm water. Add dime size of foaming cleanser to brush. Turn the Pobling on and massage your skin in circle movement to cleansing gently. Then, rinse your skin with warm water. After using the pobling, rinse the soap off enough under running water, drain off the water by patting on paper towel gently and keep in dry and airy place. Recommend to use over suitable period in case of skin irritation by daily use. I'm using it once daily. Sometimes once in two days. Here are video on how to use this Pobling.

If you happen to watch the video above, you can see that there is a cleansing test with orange using manual cleansing and Pobling cleansing. The result sure is shocking. Huhu. In addition, this Pobling is surely not a burden for those who love travelling. It is light and travel-friendly. Waterproof benefit of this Pobling is an awesome and a must-have-characteristic when it come to cleansing. Does anyone clean their face without water? No one right. Hehe.

Overall and recommendation. Pobling sonic pore cleansing brush help remove the top layer of dead skin and assist in the removal of make-up and cleanse the skin thoroughly for maintaining youthful, glowing and supple skin. How can I resist. Very recommend. It is good to have one for cleaning the make-up thoroughly.

Product Information
Name : Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser
Made in : Korea
Website : http://en.pobling.co.kr/

*Desclaimer, this product of Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I spent my personal time an personal effort on writing this blogpost. The review is based on my personal experience and it may varies from other. Thank you for you time reading this review.

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  1. Nice review..macam tertarik pula..

  2. Replies
    1. Shad beli kat ig shop (https://instagram.com/insta.shop.murah/). Got mine for rm35 only. If and only if kak nam ada kawan nak g korea ka, better pesan je dekat kawan.. baru yakin sikit yang tu ori.. I don't know either my pobling ori ke tak.. hehehe

  3. bestnyaaaaaa...... nak beli jugakkkk kalau cam tue..

  4. best giler engko. kena-kena kalau orang tolong buat dekat muka kita kan :D

    1. haha.. memang heaven la kak, dah macam spa gitu... :D

  5. terbaikk . sape pkai make up tebal2 tu bleh la try ni . hehee

  6. Assalam. Bolehlah tulun cucikan muka kak nowa ni ya.. hehehe

    1. Wsalam kak Nowa.. hehee... boleh2.. mai nak buat facial mai.. :D

  7. Nice review ni.... wahhh ada perubahan blog ni

    1. ubah sikit-sikit ja kak ekin... tu pun pakai template.. tak pandai nak edit sendiri.. thank you kak..

    2. Ubah sikit pun ada kelainan tu... hihihi...

    3. Hehe.. nampak macam lagi simple and glemer2 gitu tak kak.. hehe.. masuk bakul angkat sendiri shad ni.. :D

    4. Ha ah nampak cantik n kemas jelesnya nak buat gak la... tapi xleh guna tab nihuhuh

  8. Kalau Shad nak bagi rating, how soft are the bristles of this? :) I saw the similar product dekat ig shop, but I think it's from different brand. I also saw it at Mr. DIY. Nak beli, tapi tengah tunggu orang lain review dulu. Hehe.
    - ieyra | babysoulz

    1. erm.. 8/10 lembut.. hehe.. sehari sekali ja shad guna.. :D

  9. Sye slalu dgr org beli pobling ni dkt diy. Tpi mse tu sye cri xde..kat diy mne ye yg ade jual pobling ni??

  10. Massage equipment used to look like it. I will have a massage machine to face it. I have a massage cream to work faster then it would be good. ความงาม


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