Hamper Dove Volume & Nourishment from Ayue Idris

by - December 07, 2015

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

Hamper Dove Volume & Nourishment from Ayue Idris. Hi everyone, I'm back with a new blogpost for today. Luckily I got chosen to win a hamper from blogger Ayue Idris from her review and giveaway here. Thank you so much for the hamper. And thank you Dove.

Here what was inside the big box hamper worth RM100. Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo, Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner and a beautiful blue color towel. Wink.  

New Dove Volume & Nourishment. Nourishment + up to 95% more volume. A journey from dry and flat to fabulous hair with the new Dove Volume & Nourishment range. Volume and Nourishment is a unique Dove range. Made with Oxyfusion Technology, oxygen-fused ingredients, its weightless formulas restore hair smoothness while adding up to 95% more volume*.

Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo. Cleanses and nourishes your hair, adding volume - Gently cleanses and nourishes every day, breathing life into dry, limp hair. Directions : Apply through wet hair, lather and rinse out. Use everyday. 340 ml

Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner. Nourishes hair and restores smoothness and add volume - Nourishes hair and restores its softness without weighing it down, breathing life into dry, limp hair. Directions : Apply through wet hair, focus on mid length to ends and rinse. 330 ml

After using it for a week, I can say that this Dove Volume & Nourishment range sure does give volume to my dry hair. Nampak macam lebih tebal dan kurang mengerbang. After applying this range, my hair become very smooth. Lembut sangat. And it has a nice smell plus it fell like my hair is very light. Sangat ringan rambut. Have you try on this range? 

Have a beautiful day all. More info and free sample, https://www.dovehair.com.my

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8 Comment

  1. helllo Shad =) tahniah menang..
    CT suka Dove jugak ehehe.. tapi selalu alternate dengan brand lain..

    saja suka2 nak tukar ngeh3..

  2. anda di tag:


  3. bestnyaaa.. Lissa belum pernah lagi try pakai dove :D

  4. hai shad, tahniah menang. mmg azali pakai dove wangi sgt..love it

  5. whoa, bestnya! congrats shad! Dove ni my all time fav! <3 Sy join jugak contest ni tp takde rezeki lah menang. Huhu
    ieyra h. | blog

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