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by - February 03, 2016

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

#88LOVELIFE | Book Review. Hi everyone, I'm back for a new book review. I bet, people must know this pinky-hard-cover's book. Am I right? I'm telling you, for those who fond to art, you should buy this awesome pieces #88 Love Life from Diana Rikasari (Author) and Dinda Puspitasari (Illustrator). For me who love art, graphic design, and self improvement book, it is a must have book. Another point on having this books, they were 88 thought on Love and Life. What an awesome books. Right. I have kinda dreaming to write and publish such like this books. Dream big am I? Hee..


Both author and illustrator are blogger from Indonesia. They are virtually met back in 2010 - both being bloggers and lovers of art. #88LOVELIFE Vol 1 was published on 2014 after few months working on it. And awesomely, it is a blast. Last month, on January 2016, they launched #88LOVELIFE Vol. 02, a sequel to #88LOVELIFE Vol. 01. 

Here are some snap shoot from both Vol. 01 and Vol. 02 of #88LOVELIFE. (Sorry, the picture kinda blurry, haha). I like to mention once again, both are self improvement books. With chick and cute illustration on it, content written in English. What a beautiful, eye catching and mesmerizing book. 

Consisting of 88 Quotes and stories on love and life, this book offers a happy approach on overcoming sadness, failure, worries and changes in life - all written in a light and easy manner. Expect more good energy and more eye-pleasing illustration that will brighten up your mind and day. The goal of this book? To make you SMILE - #88LOVELIFE Vol. 02


Where can you buy this book in Malaysia? Yeah, bookstores near you house. Kinokuniya and MPH Bookstores should have this books and other bookstores too. Or can be bought online. I'm kinda love to shop online. And shop with a good price too. Zaman sekarang ni kena berjimat right? Heee. Try search #88lovelife on Instagram. Seee, plenty comes out from the list. Bought mine for RM79 free postage peninsular for this combo #88lovelife.  

I'm giving 5 stars for this illustrated book. Have you read one? Kinda beautiful right? My next hunting are Kanvas by Muharikah, ReclaimYou Heart by Yasmin Mogahed, #HURT by Rehan Makhtar and Lelaki Edisi Terhad by Rin Ahmad. Tudia, kemain banyak lagi list. Tak jadi berjimat. Heee. Menabung dulu, baru bole beli. Kalau ada buku yang best-best lagi, boleh lah suggest dekat Shad ya. Drop komen kat bawah ya. Thank you for reading. Noted: Maaf, gambar serious tak cantik, camera rosak. Hew hew.

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  1. the second book! belum sempat baca lagi...tp mmg best kan illustrator dia...senang paham... :D

  2. Dah lama sangat nak buku ni tapi tak tahu bila boleh beli.

  3. OMG COMELNYA!!! Okay, boleh masuk dalam wishlist dah ni. Hehe.
    Btw Shad, akak baru tukar link blog sebab Blogger buat hal. :<
    Jemput lah singgah ye :D

    ieyra h. | blog


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