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by - March 07, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

Wishes Comes True With ShopBack. Olla everyone. It had been weeks of silence. I've broke the promise I made for myself. Recently, there are lots of problem appeared nowhere meddling my happy life. I sight for a moment. Why it have to be me? But then I realize, things happened for a reason. Life is so short to be waste for. Right? Age happily Shad. Because happy girls are the prettiest. Okey, just ignore the introduction yang tak menyentuh perasaan tu.

Let's lighten up the mood with shopping. Yes, I love shopping! Do you? So, today I'm gonna talk about how we can shop and save with ShopBack! Have you heard about that before? Truthfully, I am a new sign up member too. People said that, ShopBack is good and quite awesome. After few times using the application, I can say it is quite beneficial. And I think it is a waste if I just keep it to myself. Right? So, here I am blog about Shopback. 


Before we go further, if this is your first time hearing about ShopBack, ShopBack is a site that utilises the cashback reward program.

From the web, ShopBack allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they buy products through the service. ShopBack also provide discount coupons and voucher codes for online shopping. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever we shop online! For me it is simple, ShopBack is a site which can help us save money when we shop online. Shop and we get cash back!

How cashback works

Our merchants reward us with a commission for referring you (online shopper) to shop on their sites. Instead of keeping the rewards all to ourselves, ShopBack share them with you. 

Find out more on how ShopBack works:

ShopBack Partnership Stores


You love to shop online? Lazada, Zalora, Melissa Shoes, Hermo, Althea, Foodpanda, and many more are there for you. Or you are a traveler? ShopBack can help you saving by getting cashback when you purchase at AirAsiaGo, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, Uber and many more. Find what you love? Lots of them, right? Just to let you know, ShopBack has over 500 partnering merchants. Grin. For more ShopBack partner store, you can visit ShopBack now at www.shopback.my

And, everyone most asked question. How do we get/earn cashback with ShopBack? 

Let's find out by watching the video below for a better understanding. Is is easy. And don't forget to sign up. It is free. ShopBack also available on Goodle and App Store, https://www.shopback.my/mobile-apps

Video on how ShopBack work. Example for Lazada

Here are step by step how to use ShopBack (Summary from the video). 

Step 1: Sign up for a free ShopBack account. Sign up link: http://www.shopback.my/?raf=ZHZhOX
Step 2: Get redirected to ShopBack partner store. Browse through ShopBack's list of merchants and click on your desired one. Choose from a list of vouchers, coupons and discounts. You will then be redirected to the merchant site 
Step 3: Shop as usual at your favorite store and make payment like how usually you did.
Step 4: Update your payment settings. After 48 hours, your cashback will automatically be reflected in your account.
Step 5: Time to cash out! You can request for a payout to your bank or Paypal account after you have earned the minimum redeemable cashback amount!

Highlight of the blog post is here. Actually I am kind of a hunter right now. Wishlist hunter! Haha. So, I'm gonna list out something that capture my attention and thing that I want. I was hoping that I could get some of them by this year. Shop and save with Shopback. Pecahkan tabung ayam jom! Heeee. Shopping is like a healing ehh.. 

My 2017 Wish List

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 from Lazada

I am picking up everyone-most-favourite item. A gadget it is. Do you love it? And for now, I need a tablet. Why I want the tablet so much? First, I love to shop online. And I suppose online shopping is even better with a larger view with tablet that I can bring anywhere, anytime. Second, I love reading so much and I have lots of eBook in my list to be finished for. Third, I love to watch Kdama. Forth, I love blogging. Rather than smartphone that have smaller screen, I think I might end up with tablet soon. 


Everyone know that, gadget and tablet is quite pricey and the discount is nearly too little. But, now I can start saving money on online shopping via ShopBack. I can earn up to 11% cash back (shop at Lazada https://www.shopback.my/lazada) and even a discount coupons and voucher codes with ShopBack! 

2. Yadah Pure Green Moisture Care from Hermo

People said that, beauty is in the eyes of beholder. No doubt. And the satisfaction is obviously hold in our self. You know, the first thing that most people look in someone is the face right (my thought). Having good manner is a must. But having good manner with a fair looking face is a credit. Agree or agree to disagree? Haha. 


Actually, I am a beauty fanatic. I love to try out new skincare especially KBeauty. So, for this comings months I wish I could get a set of Yadah Skincare. Can't wait to try them myself. Just looking at the price make you wanna choke right? And luckily I get to know ShopBack that have many partner store like Hermo, Althea Korea, Qoo10 and more to help me save money and getting cash back!

3. Zeena Twill Dress by Rina Nichie Basic from Zalora


It is time for a feast. Wedding invitation is around the corner right. It is school holiday soon. And I need a new dress for it. Or is it too early for Hari Raya Aidilfitri preparation? Ohhoo. Tak puasa lagi dah sibuk nak beli baju raya kan! Dowh, whatever. Haha! Better late thank never. But it is better to never be late. Shop online at my favourite outlet using ShopBack is even better. I got discount for the product and I can get 9% cashback when purchase online at Zalora.

4. Caroline Blue Clogs from Christyng

I have a beautiful dress from my previous wish list and what I need now is a pair of shoes... to match the dress. Right? And I am rooting to try beautiful shoes from Christyng (ambik feel bride-to-be). Truthfully, this is the first time in my life, I ever dream a shoes nearly RM200 at price. People said that, a good shoes will bring you to a good places. So, why not. Hehe!


And again, the quality one always come with a high price. That is the thing everyone most concern before spending money right? By having ShopBack as my side armor, I think I can afford to buy a bit pricey stuff (sometimes). Haha! Let's shop online and getting 8% cashback! from Christyng store.

5. Black Swing Chair Hammock from Lazada

Swing chair

In my list before, I have a tablet to fill up my leisure time. All I need now is a good space for that leisure time. How I wish to have a swing in my bedroom. Must be awesome right. Reading, surfing, shopping (of course with ShopBack) and blogging with a good mood in a swing. For this swing shop at Lazada, I can get 11% cashback through ShopBack together with the discount. 

So, that's all my wish list for now. Actually, there are lots more. Grin.. Let's start saving money with ShopBack and earn cash back! For more info, visit ShopBack now! 

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+ Shopbackmy

I am happy using Shopback. Wanna feel the same experience? Start now and you will find the awesomeness in time. Is it really work? Yes, absolutely! Trusted site. ShopBack has also been featured in numerous press releases by Tech in Asia, Yahoo, Channel News Asia, Business Times, The Star, The Philippine Star, Detik, Kompas and many more. And also present in 5 other countries, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Taiwan. 

Let's save with Shopback. I hope it can find benefit for you too. Thank you all for reading and visiting. Hopefully my wishes come true. Thank you ShopBack.

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