7 Types BEUINS Mask Sample Pack Review

by - September 28, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum.

7 Types BEUINS Mask Sample Pack Review. Hello everyone. When was last time you pamper​ your skin with face mask? Last week? Or yesterday? For me face mask is very useful whenever I need a fastest hero to resque my skin. Recommended trice a week for a better result. Or at least once a week to keep a healthy looking skin.

Before we go further, what is actually face mask? In my understanding, face mask in beauty world is basically something that contains good ingredients that you put on your face for a certain period of time. There are many different kind of mask. How they got the name? Basically the name of each kind of mask is considering how it is used, what type of ingredients used or the purpose of every mask. As for example there are peel off mask, wash off mask, sleeping mask, sheet mask, scrub mask and many more. 

Beuins Mask Review

And today, I got my hands on bundle of sample pack mask from Beuins, a Korean brand to give it a try. Wishes for unchanging beauty can be realized by Beuins. There are 7 different types of sample pack that I received from Althea during the AltheaTurns2 Birthday Celebration last July. Since it is the sample pack, please consider that this review might be a sneak peek on every mask. An introduction perhaps. As we all known, the long-term usage is even better to see the result. So, let's see, wishes come true or not with Beuins.

1. Soothing Sleeping Mask (Light Green Pack)
Soothe and softens sensitive skin healthily with Dragon blood extract. Key ingredients including Dragon Blood resin extract, Allantoin, Portulaca extract and Vegetable squalane.

Thank you for the nice soft scent it has. It suite my liking. This Soothing Sleeping Mask is made with aroma concept using natural lavender oil to give a relaxation experience for user. It has a non-greasy gel moisturizing formulation, less concentrate, not too thick and I love it since it goes smoothly on my face. When applied the product, it doesn't leave a tight feeling and it does feel nice. The mask doing great in calming and soothing​ my skin. This mask is very suitable to apply after doing outdoor activities or sports​ or when you are expose with too much direct sunlight. It really help to calm the skin. Got sensitive skin? This mask can help. 

How to use: For evening skin care, evenly apply a appropriate amount on the entire face. Leave it in skin overnight and gently wash off the following morning. *This instructions is applicable for all sleeping mask.

Texture Beuins mask

2. Whitening Sleeping Mask (White Pack) 
Brightens and whitens dull, blotted skin with ingredients like White Eggplant and Niacinamide. Key ingredients including White Eggplant, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid and Betaine.

First, I am sorry to begin with a disappointing scent comes from this mask. Very much not to my liking. It is too overpowering for me to the point I feel a little bit dizzy when applied the mask onto my face. The texture is near to texture of most serum in the market, just a bit more concentrate in my eyes. I can feel a slight sticky formulation when applied too much product. Apart from all, the product glides easily on face. The main purpose from this mask is definitely to give you a snow skin. For a long term usage, I am sure that this mask will make your​ skin brighter. All the ingredients from the mask is a good pick to begin with to have a clear and white skin. The Whitening Sleeping Mask is a whitening function mask for dark skin. If you're looking forward with the whitening purpose, please give it a try on this mask. And I think this mask can work best for sunburn skin too. 

3. Hydro Sleeping Mask (Blue Pack) 
Promotes the water circulation of skin and provides moisture to skin with ingredients such as bursting water droplets and plant-based moisturizing ingredients. Key ingredients including Ceramide, Allantoin, Lecithin and Aloe Vera.

Hydro Sleeping Mask is a mask that providing moisture while relaxing with the nice aroma. The mask has a concentrate gel-type texture and swipe easily on face. I was amazed by the texture, at first it is like a gel texture and when swipe the product over face I can sense some water droplets, feel watery. So it suite the name, Hydro means water. And I like how the texture don't leave a sticky feeling when applied and I really love the fresh feeling while using the mask. Rich in ingredients, the mask did a great job for keeping moisture to my skin. The result next morning is admirable too. Skin feel hydrated and rich in moisture. If you're looking for a mask that can provide moisture to your skin overnight, I would love to recommend this Hydro Sleeping Mask. Very recommend for dry skin.

4. Nutrition Sleeping Mask (Purple Pack)
Makes skin moisturize and radiant with ingredients such as Centella asiatica and Macadamia oil. Key ingredients including Centella asiatica extract, Macadamia oil, Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide.

At first I don't really like the scent from this formulation. It smell like fermented flower like the Organic Flower Lotion from Whamisa. A bit overpowering for me at first and after using the mask for couple of times, I got used to it and the scent is okay, bearable. Apart from the scent, it contains good ingredients to give us a very nutricious food for our skin. Centella asiatica helps to calm the skin and strengthen its barrier with soft non-sticky Macadamia oil to moisturize and shine. Has texture like lotion, a bit sticky when applied too much product but feel moisturize during the masking. And surprisingly the result was very good. I really really love the silky finish on my face after rinsing off the next morning. Skin also feel hydrated. This Nutrition Sleeping Mask can be use as a nutritional cream for dry and dull skin in last step of morning skin care. It also can be used as an alternatives to eye cream or eye masks.

5. Energy Sleeping Mask (Red Pack)
Provide vitality and strengthen skin with the compound of Goat milk and Vitamins while tidying up the formative memory protective film of skin.

My next favorite, the Energy Sleeping Mask. I really love this mask. It has a nice scent and I do love the texture so much. The texture is more likely​ to a concentrate gel extract, it don't leave a sticky feeling and my skin feel very fresh when applying the mask onto face. I enjoy masking and have a good sleep with the mask. The next morning after rinsed off, my skin feel so smooth, soft and moist. Thanks to the great ingredients of Goat milk and abundant of vitamins infused in the mask formulation, my skin feel rich suite the Energy name. Definitely very recommended. Tiredness during daytime disappear after masking with Energy Sleeping Mask. Very recommended​ to relieve travel fatigue. I would say this mask is good companion during travel

Honey Scrub Mask

6. Honey Scrub Mask (Yellow Pack) 
Effectively removes excessive dead skin cell with Walnut powder and provides moisture and nourishment to skin as the viscous honey ingredients closely adheres to skin. Key ingredients including Manuka Honey, Walnut Powder Scrub, B-Algae Oil and Meadow Foam Seed Oil.

Why do we need scrubs? Scrub is effective to remove dead skin cells, remove dirt that clog the skin pores, as well as to open it(the pores), so the skin can breathe freely to absorb nutrients from beauty products and for long-term effects, scrub can make our skin smooth and smooth. 

Using Beuins Honey Scrub Mask

So, Beuins introduced a Honey Scrub Mask to do the facial scrub job. What is more exciting? It is honey! Widely known Honey when use on wounds, it helps heal and promote cell renewal. It is also known to have excellent anti-aging and moisturizing effect due to its antioxidant effects. Yes, yellow texture of this scrub mask is very thick and sticky like honey comes together with tiny small Walnut powder. And I love it very much. When applied the product on face, I can feel a little bit burn about 5-10 seconds and the burn slowly fade. As I mentioned earlier, the texture at first is very thick and amazingly it slowly melt onto face. After about 15 minutes, I gently massage my face and rinse the mask off. My skin feel very fresh. I really love the result from this mask. Make my skin moist and feel very fresh. The scent is lovely nice too. Very recommended. 

How to use: After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount over the whole face. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and massage softly. Then gently wash off with lukewarm water. *Contains walnut scrub. Avoid eye area.

Pore Clay Mask

7. Pore Clay Mask (Dark Green Pack)
Makes skin smooth and healthy by absorbing and removing sebum and impurities from pores with soft and moisturizing Moroccan clay. Key ingredients including Moroccan clay, B-Algae Oil and Cedar leaf fermented complex (Cedar+Lotus).

Pore Clay Mask has a creamy thick texture with natural khaki color and the soft and moist texture glides easily on face. Has a nice scent that comes from lavender-derived natural fragrance. The clay slowly drying and after about 15 minutes, the clay fully dried and ready to rinse off. After wash off the mask with water, my face feel super clean and smooth and I was amazed by the result. It did what it said. The clay mask did a great job in removing excess oil without drying out my skin too much. The Moroccan clay firmly adhere to the skin to absorb and remove sebum waste in the pores, while an abundance of minerals and fermented complex cedar leaf extract provide a smooth and healthy skin without dryness.

I have a good feeling while using this clay mask. Good sebum control, face feel clean and soft. If you have too much sebum on your face and you wish to get rid some sebum, I would love to recommend this clay mask. Please give it a try. Also can be used partially for T-Zone area with high sebum secretion. 

How to use: After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount evenly on the face. After 10 to 15 minutes, if the clay pack is dry enough, wash it thoroughly off the skin. It may be partially used over skins with excess amount of sebum.

Since the mask are all in the sample packs, I found it was awesome and very useful during travel and samples are always a good testing items before buying the real size product. The quantities of each sample pack can be use up to three(3) times. If you were to ask me which one I love most, it would be the Energy Sleeping Mask. I can't get over it. I really love how soft, fresh and smooth my skin feel after using the mask. My next pick are the Honey Scrub Mask and Pore Clay Mask. Both mask give a good feeling to my skin and definitely an awesome mask for removing excess oil, impurities and dead skin cell. My skin feel a lot more clean than before.

My next favorite are the Soothing Sleeping Mask and Hydro Sleeping Mask. Both did a great job to keep my skin hydrated and calm my skin. For the Whitening Sleeping Mask, I can say it is okay. Not my favorite since it has strong scent but since it has Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid (good whitening ingredients) I consider to give it a try. Also suitable for those who are searching for whitening mask. In conclusion, the Beuins Mask is a good mask and worth to try. Most of the mask doing great to my skin and I definitely will purchase the actual size product. Actual product are sold in a nice jar containing 30ml and retail around RM39 each on Althea

Beuins Mask
Beuins Mask
Where to Buy: http://my.althea.kr
For more info, visit www.beuins.com

Thank you for reading. I am not a makeup artist nor a beauty expert. Sorry for the incorrect terms used if any (please correct me). Have a nice day people. 

*Desclaimer: This is my personal opinion and review. I honestly write this review based on my personal experience using the product. I am not paid for this review. The results/outcome may be different considering ones skin type. I am not liable for any problems that might arise from trying out the product I review here.

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