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by - December 30, 2017


Lazy Sunday Box from Althea Korea. Good day everyone. This is the last week of December 2017 and I wish you're doing great. Its nearly to the end of the year. Azam tahun ni dah tercapai ke belum. Hehe. Okey flashback, what is my Azam eh? Haaa, getting a job and got employed. And I am very happy that, now I have two income every month. You know, I wanna bayar my hutang PTPTN lorhh. Need to work hard! Fighting Shad. Okay back to the topic. Althea Box. Actually, I should blog this earlier. Sorry for being very late. A hectic new routine make this blogpost juat appear just the end of the year. Now, let's focus on the review. Kbeauty addict, I am confident that you're familiar with Althea right? 

If this is your first time hearing about it, Althea is the leading Korean beauty site with over 150 Korean beauty brands on board! What I love about Althea? They have nice packaging box, free shipping, good services, friendly customer service, authentic product fly directly from Korea, lowest price with many promotion, and the one that I excited most was their Beauty Box

What is Althea Beauty Box? 
Althea Beauty Box is a limited edition beauty box with a thematic box creat by the Althea's fairy team. Every month, there will be 2 to 3 boxes created​ (Althea Box and Trendy Box) with limited quantity. Althea Box basically comes with 6 to 8 beauty products handpicked to suite the box theme. As the price of the limited quantity Althea Box become a lot cheaper, it sold out so fast. Siapa cepat dia dapat. First come first serve. 

Althea Box: Lazy Sunday Box
Original Price: RM394.00
Selling Price: RM110.00 (72% off)

I got myself the Althea Box: Lazy Sunday Box from Althea last October. Lazy Sunday Box is a box specially created for those who want to enjoy weekend with a minimum beauty products, fast and easy to apply. It was a box containing 6 full-size beauty products including:

1. 1004 Laboratory Deep Blue Caviar Collagen Mist
2. Calmia Cleansing Tissue
3. Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream
4. Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher CR01 Coral Ending
5. Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro
6. Laneige Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack 
Sample pack : Missha All Around Safe Block x3

1004 Laboratory Deep Blue Caviar Collagen Mist. (80ml) RM43 /NP RMM68

For me, a facial mist is a simple, fast and a refreshing antidote for travel fatigue. It also serves as an effective way to lock in moisture for young and dewy skin. Deep Blue Caviar Collagen Mist is a facial mist that contains collagen from sea grapes for moisturization that will keep you looking and feeling fresh

My thoughts:
The packaging is slim, and I can smell the fresh sea water every time I spray the mist and I love it. It give an instant fresh feeling, but sadly it doesn't last long. But I need to give a plus point for the moisturizing effect. My face feel lot more moist and energetic after every spray. It is a great soothing and moisturizing mist. To tell you the truth, I am very surprised with the ingredients list. Have lots of great ingredients including 89% Blue Caviar Extract, Patented Moisture and Soothing Ingredients and also contain 23 kinds natural ingredients. So, it is a Yes.

Calmia Cleansing Tissue (87ml) RM5 /NP RM10

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue is a convenience pre-moisten cloth that works in second to leave you a smooth, fresh, moisturized and completely clean skin. Recommended to clean makeup that is hard to remove, to fix smuggle makeup, erase waterproof type sunscreen and perfect for anyone who does simple makeup such as sunscreen. Some vegetables, fruit and other great ingredients including Oatmeal extract, Mung beans extract, Chrmaecy Paris Obtusa water, Aloe extract, Soapwort, Papaya Fruit extract, honey extract and alltonin. 

My thoughts:
Firstly, I like the packaging. Though it is just a simple plastic, the design make it easier for me to take out the product, and close it back when unused. Each pack(travel pack) consist of 20 sheets. The tissue has a soft texture, the thickness is normal and it don't break easily. I think it is cotton-like texture. It has a very nice scent and has a decent moist too. It leave a very refreshing feeling while using this cleansing tissue. I don't have high expectations for this product to begin with but surprisingly, this Calmia Cleansing Tissue turns out great. It works wonderful to clean stubborn​ makeup on my face. 

Feel lazy on Sunday, weekday, holiday, everyday? We have Calmia Cleansing Tissue to rescue, to become knight in the shining armor. It is quick, easy, effortless, super convenient and I can say that it is affordable in price. Perfect for travel and suitable for everyday use too. Recommend!

Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream (50g) RM47 /NP RM126

Applying moisturizer in our skincare routine is one of the ways to lock skin hydration throughout​ the day. Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream that have high moisturizing properties comes from hydrolyzed collagen that moisturize the skin. This cream also contains Achillea millefolium, Carica Papaya Fruit Potato Extract that help to hydrate deep onto skin layer and nourish it. 

Key ingredients:

Achillea millefolium extracts - Protects and soothes sensitive skin and helps restore suppleness and resiliency 
Carica Papaya Fruit extracts - Helps skin to store and retain moisture and nourishing efficiently 
Potato Extract - Absorbing moisture and preserve moisture for long-time. 

Not only that, Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream also contains varieties of natural extracts that helps to protect and soothe the skin. Formulation of this cream that are free from irritating ingredients (talc, paraben, mineral oil, organic pigment and triethanolamine) surely a great pick for skin.

My thoughts:
I love the packaging, it was packed in a sturdy soft pink plastic container. I can't detect the scent of the cream, it has soft smell. The texture is in creamy white, mild on skin and easy to apply. I like the no-color result after application, but I did felt a little bit tacky on skin while applying the cream (maybe I apply a bit too much), thankfully that tacky feeling fade away after that. After all, I really love the finishing result. My face looks more fresh and leave a glowing effect. Skin feel very moist and hydrated. I have dry skin type, and this cream did a great job moisturizes my skin.

the SAEM Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher CR01 Coral Ending (8g) RM39 /NP RM54

Adding some color will liven up our life. So does makeup. Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher is a blusher that provide lively cheek expression to our skin-tone. Seven (7) shade to choose for blusher, some are suitable for shading and highlighter and I got mine in Coral to applied on cheek. 

My thoughts:
The packaging is sturdy and very cute. Open the cap, twist it and you're ready to apply the blusher. It has a sweet and nice smell with apricot shade peach coral color possible for lip and cheeks. It is a cream type blusher. I owned and been using a cream type blusher before, and I love it. And I am happy to use more with the same type. This creamy texture smoothly melts onto skin. The non-powdery texture adheres with no clumping and dryness. It blend so well on skin and easy to use. Apply one stroke of stick blusher to cheeks and blend well. Result turns out awesome, soft color with natural shine on skin. Yayyy.

Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro (4g)  RM31 /NP RM39

Etude House from Korea. I can say that, it is a well known brand, right? So, Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro is a concealer with strong coverage to cover dark spots and scars. Three shade to choose; beige, sand and vanilla. Got mine in shade Sand. 

My thoughts:
Firstly, it has a decent product. Cute and small packaging that can easily slip into my makeup bag. It is good they have multiple choice of shade to suite ones skin tone. Coverage refers to the opacity of the makeup, or how much it will conceal on the skin.

And for Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro, honestly I am surprised! From lowest to highest conceal; sheer, light, medium and full coverage, this cover pot concealer fall under medium to full coverage. Honestly, I did and still have some acne scars on my face. And thankfully, this concealer did a great job to cover my acne scars and dark spot. Very recommended!

Laneige Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack (8mlx20 pcs) RM89 /NP RM124

Laneige Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack is a toner pack that help to restore skin's health. Formulate with Sea Water and Litchi Chinensis Pericarp Extract (lychee), this toner pack promotes soothe skin and strengthens skin barrier. 

My thoughts:
Feel fresh, like putting a mask on. A great toner pack for traveling. Also give a calming effect like claimed. This is a perfect toner pack for traveling, save my makeup pouch space. Yaaayy. It is quick and easy to apply with 3 cotton pads each pack (8ml). The cotton pads was drenched with toner and give a refreshing feeling every time I apply. The toner formulation is mild, low-irritant and passed dermatological tests, hypo-allergy tests completed. It is free from mineral oil, animal-based ingredients, synthetic coloring and triethanolamine.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to restore skin’s health, looking for moist calming toner that helps pH balance and fresh finish, this toner pack is the one. Indications and Usage: After cleansing the face, apply the toner pack on your cheeks and forehead for 2~3 minutes. With the remaining amount, pat your skin from the center of face for absorption.

Missha All Around Safe Block 
Comes with three different free samples of Missha All Around Safe Block including Soft Finish Sun Milk (Pink), Essence Sun Milk(Green) and Waterproof Sun Milk(Blue). What is this? Missha All Around Safe Block is a sunscreen that delivers SPF 50+ protection to shield the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. As usual, use at the last step of your skin care. It said that, this sunscreen can also be applied to the neck, arms, legs and any other areas.

My thoughts: 
I am starting to love this sunscreen. It use Double Layer UV Blocking System, strong sunblock even with water & sweat. Has spf 50+/ PA++++. And I really love the light milky texture from this sunscreen. Very smooth when apply on face, don't leave any sticky feeling at all. Non-oily, soft scented, a great sebum control and quite moisturize. Thank you Althea for the sample, I love it and definitely will buy the actual size product. Finally found my favorite sunblock.

Overall, I love this Lazy Sunday Box. Great pick of product when I am in a rush morning and definitely a favorite during lazy day too. Hehe. All the product mostly easy to apply and very convenient for travelling. I am very sure that Althea Box is definitely a favorite to many fans since the price is crazily very reasonable. You will get all the products in Lazy Sunday Box only at RM110 while the actual price is at RM394. Check out the Althea Box pals. Don't miss the chance to grab one for yourself.

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