B.liv Bio-Cellulose Mask Rescue to the Skin

by - October 06, 2017


B.liv Bio-Cellulose Mask Rescue to the Skin. Good morning everyone. Wishing you a great day. It is now October and I am in the same usual routine. A hectic day with so much works to do is always a tiring day. Dealing with daily routine, we are expose to air pollution, dust, harmful ultraviolet rays, air conditioned environment and the list goes down. And those exposure will lead to skin problem such as pigmentation, aging, dehydrated and dull skin. Here comes my hero, a rescue to my skin, face mask. Face mask is my best buddy when it comes to relaxing. I really love and enjoy using mask so much. Mask can relive stress, give you an instant fresh, promotes a healthy skin, make everyone relax, provide multiple skin care benefits and more. In addition, face mask is easy to use and believed to give an excellent result in a short time. No wonder mask was loved by many. Please count me in!

b.liv bio-cellulose mask

Using face mask will help moisturize the skin, reduce visibility of pores, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce excessive sebum and many more. What is best, mask is always specialize to certain problem targeting. There is always a mask that suite your skin type and fulfill your needs. Convinced enough to start using face mask? So, today I want to introduce you with my new favorite, b.liv Nano Bio-Cellulose​ Mask. 

B.liv (pronounced​ as believe) is a Cosmaceutical brand from Singapore that serve easy-to-use and affordable personal skin care regimen. Today, b.liv is the leading brand in pores management solution and everyone especially beauty blogger raving about how good the product was on their blog and Instagram. I have always want to try the product from this brand and finally got my hands on their mask. Their tagline 'Healthy Skin Begin with Healthy Pores' intrigued me because I do believe, pores is the door where anything bad(eg dust, excess oil) and good(eg vitamin and benefits from skincare) will enter into our skin. Proper pores management is the first step to flawless looking skin.

b.liv bio-cellulose mask

B.liv has introduced a new range of nano bio-cellulose​ mask. From the packaging, 'bio-cellulose is a specialized nano scale fiber structure that fits perfectly like your second skin. It serves as a high volume serum reservoir i.e. holds moisture while allowing air to transfer freely and skin can breathe better. Its 30 nanometers fiber increase extra surface area for crevices and wrinkles; maximizing the absorption of effective essence'. To be honest, the mask did stay and not crease at all. This make the mask very easy to apply and I can even jogging while wearing the mask. Multi-tasking. Yayyy. 

There are three types of mask to choose according to your skin preference. The masks are

  1. b.liv Age Eraser - Youth preserving bio-cellulose mask
  2. b.liv Hydrate Away - Moisturizing bio-cellulose mask
  3. b.liv Soothe Me Now - Soothing bio-cellulose mask 

b.liv Age Eraser RM129/box of 4 pieces
Youth preserving bio-cellulose mask
b.liv age eraser

We're all aging everyday. Turning back time is impossible though. Even if you have baby face, there's​ no escape for fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your face. We can't​ stop aging but we can delay it. Slow down the aging with Age Eraser Bio-cellulose Mask. This mask was infused with unique formulation of multipeptide that are good to restore youthful skin, keeping skin firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on skin. 

After 28 consecutive days of use, the result incredibly shows:
  • Complexion radiance to increase by 89.1%
  • Skin firmness to increase by 49.3%
  • Fine line to decrease by 30.1%
*Result based on an independent clinical study; individual result may vary.

b Liv age eraser review
b.liv age eraser review

Key ingredients:
Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 - Acts like Botox which relaxes visible lines while relieving stinging sensation and discomfort. Thus, minimizes long-term formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 - Soothes and protects skin against oxidative stress caused by sugar, browned foods, alcohol, UV light, environmental pollution and stress.

Hyaluronic Acid - Known as HA in short, it holds water 1000 times if its weight to keep collagen hydrated and promotes a youthful look.

My Thoughts
I love the natural soft scent from the mask. My skin feel fresh when applied the mask on face. Skin feel a lot more firm and soft. I wish I could buy bundle pack! Botox with mask? How can I resist!

b.liv Hydrate Away RM129/box of 4 pieces
Moisturizing bio-cellulose mask
b.liv hydrate away review

Consuming enough water is a good way to stay hydrated. We're suggested to drink 8 glasses​ of water everyday. However, did you know, consuming water alone is not enough to keep the skin stay hydrated. Our skin tend to loss its moisture as it constantly exposed to sun rays and air conditioned room. Applying moisturizer, consume more fruits and vegetables will help to keep skin stay hydrated. And I believe, using mask is the simple and faster ways to sustain skin hydration level

With B.liv hydrate away moisturizing bio-cellulose mask that is packed with minerals and amino acid help to hydrate, repair and clarify our skinAfter 2 hours application of single use, skin hydration level proven* increased by 15.6% and increased by 16.1% after 4 hours. **Result based on an independent clinical​ study; individual result may vary.

b.liv hydrate away review
b.liv hydrate away review

Key ingredients:
Organic Algae - Deep sea microalgae extract laden with minerals and amino​ acids helps even out skin tone, clarify, repair and protect skin from free radical damage.

Rice Extract - Rich in amino acids and pro-vitamins B5, this potent plant extract has the property to keep hold of water molecules, thereby contributing to the constant moisturizing of the skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid - Known as HA in short, it holds water 1000 times if its weight to keep collagen hydrated and promotes a youthful look.

My thoughts
Instant fresh and relaxing feeling. I have dry skin type and sometimes very dry. After a single use with b.liv hydrate away, my skin looks more fresh and moisturize. I don't know if I saw it wrongly, but my skin look lively and less dull.

b.liv Soothe Me Now RM129/box of 4 pieces
Soothing bio-cellulose mask
b.liv soothe me now review

Too much expose to sun rays may lead to sunburn, redness and tan skin. And there's time when our skin need extra attention when it shows sign of redness and irritation whatever the cause was. Feeling discomfort on your skin? Let's try b.liv soothe me now. This mask was formulated with wonderful restorative properties specially designed to provide soothing relief, barrier repair and extensive rejuvenation to your skin.

Significant improvement to overall skin condition is clinically tested with proven results*. After 28 consecutive days of use, results show that:
  • Skin dryness has improved by 55.6%
  • Skin imperfections has improved by 24.2%
  • Fine lines has visibility decreased by 16.7%**
Key ingredients
Organic Immortelle Flower - Mediterranean plant also known as everlasting plant has remarkable longevity and it never fades even when picked. It is known to be more soothing than German Chamomile, more regenerating than Lavender.

Soothing Peptide (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15) - Tetrapeptide helps increase skin's sensitivity tolerance threshold through it's soothing effect and effectively reduces the sensation of discomfort.

Hyaluronic Acid - Known as HA in short, it holds water 1000 times if its weight to keep collagen hydrated and promotes a youthful look.

b.liv soothe me now review
b.liv soothe me now review

My thoughts
If you were to ask me which one I love most, it would be this one, b.liv soothe me now. Instant fresh feeling, very relaxing, soothe the skin and feel very comfortable. To be honest, I feel this mask is the most fresh among the three mask. It is a great soothing mask. My skin feel a lot more plump, looks energetic and very moisturize.

How to use: 
1. Open the sachet and take out the mask. Remove protective material from both sides of the mask.
2. Place mask over face and lightly press with both hands to ensure it adheres completely.
3  Remove mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into skin.
4. Proceed with remaining skin care steps. For best result, use 2-3 times a week. 

Video how to apply the mask and result after using b.liv Soothe Me Now Bio-cellulose Mask

*Scientific Efficacy Tested by Institute d`Expertise Clinique and EvicFrance
**After 28 consecutive days if use. Result based on an independent clinical study; individual results may vary.

b.liv bio-cellulose mask packaging

Review b.liv Bio-cellulose​ Mask
From the packaging, I can tell that all of the three sheet mask is thick, which is I love it. The information about the product provided clearly at the back of the packaging. Nothing special and I have no issue with the packaging.

Mask Texture
Open up the sachet, I can see that the mask was packed with so much essence! One sachet has one piece of mask and the mask comes in three layers with both sides of protective material at outer layers. I like how they put the mask with the protective layers, make it easy to take out from the sachet and not messy at all when applied. Mask is thick and smooth to the skin. Mask is like jelly melly! 

b.liv bio-cellulose mask
Essence Texture, Color & Scent 
A sachet with 30ml essence is definitely plenty of product. It has a colorless thick essence and pretty fast absorbing onto skin too. Not sticky at all and I love the slight medical scent comes from this mask. It has very soft nice and fresh smell. Very relaxing. I can say that there are not much different in texture, scent and color for all three type of b.liv bio-cellulose mask. 

Like mention above, the mask is thick but incredibly it stay(stick) in face very well. With its 30 nanometers fiber, the mask is designed to fit into crevices and wrinkles allowing for maximum essence absorption. Thanks to the fiber, I don't waste much on the essence. Though​ the mask is just a little bit bigger to my face, it is not a big problem since its ability to stick very well on face, I can easily​ manage to fit it into my face.

b.liv bio-cellulose mask review

Honestly, this is a new brand for me. I've tried it myself and I am impressed with the result. With single use, the mask works wonderful to my skin and I love it so much. I really love how the mask make my skin feel very fresh and moist after every single use. No tightness, no redness, no itchiness, and without drying out my skin while using and experimenting with the mask. I believe, with continuous use, ones can get better result. 

Easy to use with just a few minutes of time needed, mask is indeed a rescue to the skin. 30 nanometers fiber maximize the essence to absorb into skin. It is perfect for skin care routine and a good travel companions​. B.liv bio-cellulose that comes with great ingredients is definitely a great treat to the skin. I am rating 5/5 for the mask and definitely will repurchase. Very recommend.

b.liv bio-cellulose mask

B.liv Bio-cellulose Mask
Nett: 30ml/pcs
Price: 129.00/box (4pcs)
Where to buy: Available at SaSa outlets

Website : www.bliv.com
Facebook : blivmalaysia
Instagram : bliv

Thank you for reading. I am not a makeup artist nor a beauty expert. Sorry for the incorrect terms used if any (please correct me). Have a nice day people.

*Desclaimer: This is my personal opinion and review. I honestly write this review based on my personal experience using the product. I am not paid for this review. The results/outcome may be different considering ones skin type. I am not liable for any problems that might arise from trying out the product I review here.

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