Simple and Easy Daily Routine with Hansaegee Nature

by - July 13, 2021

Simple and Easy Daily Routine with Hansaegee Nature. Good day everyone. Hope you're doing okay despite the situation right now. Life must go on right. We can get through this together. Stay safe everyone. As usual my daily routine on weekdays going to work from morning to evening, doing office work, meeting with client, weekend spend time with family and me-time. No matter how busy you are, skin care should not be neglected. Today, I am sharing my everyday skincare routine. Simple and easy with Hansaegee Nature using two favorite products, Gold Nano CC Cream and Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser.

hansaegee nature

Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser
It is very relaxing while cleansing face with this Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser from Hansaegee Nature. Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser, a facial cleansing foam that are suitable for all skin type. The Aloe cleanser effectively removes oil, dirt, dead skin cell and makeup from the skin while Tea Tree Leaf Oil ingredients keeping skin moisturized, leaving it smooth and moist. Another star ingredients is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, widely known have many benefits for skin like helps soothe sunburn, cooling properties, helps to moisturize the skin, reduces infection and acne, lightens blemishes on the face and many more. That's why the ingredients also widely use in cosmetics industries.

aloe ac bubble cleanser
aloe ac bubble cleanser

Soft Bubble Foam Cleanser
This Aloe Bubble Cleanser is in liquid form and after pumps it out, becomes very foamy bubble texture which I love, soft foam and nice smell. It is so easy to use and effortless. Just take the right amount of bubble foam on the wet hand, massage face gently with the bubble in a circular motion, then wash face with water. With just 3 simple steps, I am done.

Clean Face and Moist Skin
I enjoy using this bubble cleanser. I often bring this cleanser to my office too. With this cleanser, just take me few minutes to clean face before performing prayer. After return home from work, also use this cleanser to clean face. After cleansing, my face feels so clean, soft and moist. It doesn’t leave any tight feeling. I like this cleanser because it is very convenient and easy to use. It also cleanses my face thoroughly, no residue left.

aloe ac bubble cleanser

Gold Nano CC Cream
Gold Nano CC Cream is a color control and brightening cream, helps to brighten and balance skin tone naturally, keeping it moisture all day long with natural finish. Formulate with SPF 50+ PA+++ for sun protection and comes with anti-wrinkle benefits. A light feeling cream that suitable to all skin type, give a glowing and smooth skin for everyday use.

cc cream hansaegee

Light Texture, Easy To Blend & Not Oily
Morning time before going to work, I will apply CC Cream from Hansaegee Nature. I love this cc cream so much, it just took me less than a minute to apply and ready to go outside. The cream has a light texture, glide easily upon applying, that makes it easily to blend very well on skin. Apply this cream using finger only, so convenient to use. One thing that makes this CC Cream a star product, it is suitable to all skin type. The cream is very comfortable to wear, not oily and don't leave any sticky feeling at all. I always apply the cc cream in the morning and will reapply during noon and whenever I want to touch up anytime. Skin look nice and become more glowing.

SPF 50+PA+++ Sun Protection
A cream that comes with sun protection factors is a great choice. I surely know many of us are exposed and aware about the importance of wearing sunscreen right? Thanks fullest, Gold Nano CC Cream has SPF 50+PA+++ to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It is made up of more than 5 UV-filter ingredients (some are; Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) and other nice ingredients. For further reading, visit my previous post about benefits of this CC Cream, link here.

cc cream apply

Balance Skin Tone, Cover Uneven Skin Tone
I always reach out for this cc cream whenever I need to touch up. It is very handy when I am rushing as it helps to balance my skin tone instantly. The cream is physically white in color. It has tiny brown capsules within the white cream and when blend to skin, the cream slowly change color from white to brownish to meet skin tone. As I prefer simple and minimalist makeup when going outside, this cc cream become my favorite. Not only help to balance my skin tone, this cream also brighten the skin naturally, cover uneven skin tone and give a natural look finish. Bye dullness. Even under the sunlight, skin looks glowing and beautiful. Makeup lover, good news, this cc cream also can act as make up base, makeup will look more radiant and beautiful.

Easy to Clean, Not Block Pores
Evening time, after a day at work, return home is the time to rest, clean up and take a shower and clean my face. I can't get enough with this cc cream. From the packaging, moisture texture, easy application, nice natural look result to the cleansing part. I love it all. This cc cream is easy to clean. Not a troublesome at all. Yes, told you I did an experiment on this. Face applied with CC cream, after cleansing using foam cleanser, I test with micellar cleansing water, turns out no residue left on the cotton pad. It shows that, this cc cream is easy to clean. Why bother if you can have it in an easy way, right? I am so in love. Because it can be easily clean, so it not blocks pores, less trouble to the skin. Blocked pores can lead to skin acne, that's why we are suggested to clean our face thoroughly, especially face with make-up on. I use Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser to clean my face.

cleanser hansaegee

After a week, I can see that, my face become more radiant and no irritation occur, no redness no new acne while using this cleanser. I also notice that my face become less oily. Just don’t over-cleansing you face, wear moisturizer like usual, it would be good. Overall, I like this cleanser. The packaging also nice and sturdy too.

Overall, this is my current skincare routine using Gold Nano CC Cream and Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser from Hansaegee Nature. It is easy, simple and minimal. Both product works nice to my skin. If you are looking for a handy product that works like one for all, you can give this product a try. Both products also suitable for all skin types. Recommended. For more information, visit the site below.

Hansaegee Nature

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