Menang Powerbank dari | Rezeki Januari #3

by - January 06, 2015


Menang Powerbank dari Kak Fara |

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to Kak Fara coz chose me to become the winner of this giveaway. Seriously speechless. And I'm grateful. Thank you Allah for sending me this lovely Power bank as a gift. Thank you for making my 24th year being born with this happy moment. Second, I would like to apologize for those who ever feel like I'm that kind of 'Show-Off". Sorry for that. Sincerely, this entry is not about the 'Show-Off' or else. This is an entry of appreciation for organizer. I wish everyone will have a blast 2015!

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Special price and discounts for this early 2015 from Kak Fara. Grab this opportunity all!

That's all from me. And Thank you again and again for the gift.

Did anyone ever noticed that, I'm writing in English. Hehe. This is my Wishlist on last year, 2014. Having an entry in English language although my English is not so good. I love to make this wish comes true. Practice makes Better right. Ermm, ke patut ke bahasa melayu je eh.. Readers blog ni dari Malaysia kan. Will think about it. Till then. Have a nice day.

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