360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder | Review

by - April 11, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder | Review. Good morning and welcome to the new day, new beginning of emerging inventions in the world. Day by day we were introduce with so many things that can improve our life, things and products that can lessen the energy and ease everyday human activities. From a big machine in factory into the small single microchip. How incredible! Whatever it is, whatever it was as long as it can benefit us all, it is good enough. 

360 rotating phone holder

So, today's gonna be a short entry too (I am kinda blur recently. Sobs!). I'm gonna have a quick review on my latest gadget accessories pick for this month. Last week, I have purchased 'a friend' to my smartphone. It's called 360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder. Actually this friend is something like Monopod as in their same function for holding the smartphone. Monopod specifically make it easier for us to take selfie while this 360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder help us hold the phone while we are doing leisure task with the smartphone.
Phone Holder
Rotating phone holder

This holder have a multifunction clip, allow us to use the clip as a desktop phone/tablet stand. It is best for watch movies/videos, listening music on the bed, desk, car without holding our phone! This product is something that a lazy person like me would fall in love into! Haha. Watching a movie via smartphone while we have 'someone' to hold the phone is awesome! No more lenguh tangan lepas ni. 

Key Specifications :
◼ Cell phone can be rotated 360 degree.
◼ Multifunction clip.
◼ Universal holder for all types of mobile phones.
◼ Flexible arm for different angle and distance.
◼ Made of high quality.

Feature :
◼ 1. Flexible Arm
Length : 60-70 cm
◼ 2. Clip
Length: 8cm, Height : 13cm, Maximum Opening : 7cm
◼ 3. Phone Holder 
Length: 7cm, Height : 9cm, Maximum Opening : 10 cm 
◼ Weight : 160 g 
◼ Material : PVC? , Magnesium Alloy? *my assumption
◼ Color : Black
*Note that, this feature might be a bit different from the actual size, coz I didn't receive the installation note nor the product information. Sob! 

What I Like
I like almost everything about this product. First impression, the appearance is so smart. This 360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder is very very neatly produce. Sangat kemas! It is also great in grasp. Tightly grasp. Kuat mencengkam. The clip and the holder is strong. The holder is quite good because they can stay still. Without shaking (bergoyang), without loose (longgar) when we place the smartphone. With the 360 degree rotating specification below the holder, it is quite awesome that it can still tightly hold the smartphone. 

Its long arm is excellently strong to bear the weight of smartphone. Extra credit add on about the flexibility of the arm. Walupun kena struggle sikit when we need to change the direction so on, coz the metal inside is quite strong! Really love the product. 

Phone holder

What I Dislike
Only one thing that spoil me is the clip's mouth (my own description - can you imagine where it is?). The clip's mouth(the most outer part) is rather not smooth enough. Be careful when you clamp them on the table that have a soft fabric/kain/table cover sort of. It can slightly damaging the fabric, like tertarik benang sort of like that. Need to take care of that by using another fabric(pelapik) or anything else to become the scapegoat! Haha. 

Apart from the need to struggle a bit when I need to change the long arm direction and the clip's mouth dissatisfaction, other than that is all good. 

Very very useful product for me who doesn't have the stand tripod to hold my phone for recording my DIY project​ video (Yes, I use smartphone to do my DIY video). It is such a great help in holding the phone for those who love to watch video, reading ebook and etc using smartphone. With pretty nice quality, the price is affordable. Did I mention the price yet? Description below yah. Overall, I love it. I'm giving 4.8/5 for this 360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder. Very recommended for those who really wanna enjoy watching video without holding the smartphone.

Rotating phone holder

360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder
Color : Black
Price : Around RM10 - RM15
Where to Buy : I got mine from Lazada MY. 

Thank you all for reading. Do leave your comment below..

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4 Comment

  1. nice review...looks like the product are fragile especially the phone clamp/clips...what do you think??

    1. Thank you for dropping by Aria..

      Truthfully, I might wanna agree with you. Actually, the phone clip kinda thinner that other part. So far as I have been using this, it is still in a good condition.. Hopefully it can last longer.. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. haaaa senang terus 360 degree boleh rotate.. terbaik =)

  3. Thanks for the information. I really like the way you express complex topics in lucid way. It really helps me understand it much better way  aluminum alloy selfie holder


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