PIXY Beauty Box 2017

by - April 09, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all. 

PIXY Beauty Box 2017. Happy weekend all. Wishing all of you a great happiness. Happy Wedding Day for newly wed. To the Groom and Bride in the world, wishing all of you a wonderful future. To my groom-to-be, I'm dedicating this song to you, wishing that it will reach you and I wish you will found me someday. 

You can be the prince and I can be your princess, 
You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist, 
You can be the shoes and I can be the laces, 
You can be the heart that I spill on the pages, 
You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser, 
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper, 
You can be as cold as the winter weather, But I don't care as long as we're together. 

Pixy Beauty Box

Geee, enough with the cheesy introduction. So today's gonna be a short sneak peek on PIXY Beauty Box 2017. Thank you so much Sabby Prue and PIXY Malaysia for the lovely PIXY Beauty Box. I am all excited and can't help myself from smiling all day long after receiving the box. So, let's check out what is inside the box. 

Pixy Beauty Box

Anugerah Eksklusif PIXY Card
Wow, feeling like so exclusive because of the name written there. Thank you PIXY for the lovely and mesmerizing award. Been using the PIXY Cake quite some time. And it is awesome. PIXY Sempurna Ku. 

Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake

PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit
Net : 12.2g
Shade : Natural Beige

PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Refill Pack
Net : 12.2g
Shade : Tropical Beige & White Cream

Perfectly fit formula that gives you a smooth and long-lasting finish to cover skin imperfections. Enriched with Squalane Oil to prevent dryness. The 2-WAY WHITENING formula is a combination of Natural Whitening Powder, Vitamin C derivative and Sunscreen to make your skin fairer and protect skin against sun rays.

Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake

Directions: Apply evenly using a dry sponge for a natural finish. Wet sponge for better coverage and a long-lasting finish.

Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake

PIXY Ultimate Makeup Cake
Net : 12.5g
Shade : Peach Beige

Complete with Light Diffusing Powder which covers imperfections and makes skin looks naturally smooth and "Oil Absorbent Formula" which enables perfect makeup up to 8 hours. 

◼ SPF 20, protecting skin from UVB which can cause skin darker.
◼ PA++, protecting skin from UVA which can lead skin aging and black spots.
◼ Natural Whitening Powder, help skin brighter.
◼ Jojoba Oil, maintaining skin moisture.

Direction: Apply with a dry sponge for a natural look or a damp sponge for total cover.

Pixy BB Cream Bright

PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix
Net: 30ml
Shade : Ochre

PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream is formulated with Smart-Lock Powder to keep makeup looks bright and not dull up to 12 hours. The lightweight texture covers blemishes on face without masking look. It could be used with or without powder.

Complete with:
◼ SPF 30 & PA+++, optimum protection to UVB and UVA rays.
◼ Natural Whitening Extract & Vitamin C Derivate, as whitening agent. 

Direction: Apply evenly on entire face and neck.

Pixy beauty box

PIXY Pendrive Necklace 

This is so lovely. Seriously cantik sangat PIXY Pendrive Necklace ni. Thank you PIXY for the surprise. I really love it. So much. Get your PIXY product at Guardian, Watsons, MyDin, selected supermarket and hypermarket di seluruh Malaysia. 

Website : www.pixy.com.my
Facebook : Pixy Malaysia 

My next and next entry will be a full review on each baby above. Thank you all for reading. Drop your link yah, will pay a visit back. Happy lunch time. 

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4 Comment

  1. The product is cute. I have once buy PIXY product it is nice. The pen drive is so damn beautiful :D

    Visit from here http://www.cikkmira.com/

  2. I use tropical beige punya. suka brand pixy ni.

  3. bestnyaaaaaa dapat macam-macam.. packaging pun comel =)

  4. bestnyaaaaaa dapat macam-macam.. packaging pun comel =)


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