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by - June 18, 2020

PG Mall Malaysian Online Shopping Platform. Olla everyone. Please stay safe and follow the SOP stated by the government during this pandemic period, covid19. Always practice the new normal, wearing face mask when you're at public places, apply hand sanitizer, be in 1 metre distance from one another and if possible avoid crowded places as much as you can. All of us have the same hope right now, wishing this period of corona getting better day by day.

Because we can't even see the virus with our naked eyes, because we don't know who's the carrier (even our self), so we better be careful. Since the MCO, end of March 2020 until now, honestly I rarely going out to supermarket or hypermarket and mall. Rather than being in a crowded place, I prefer stay at home and purchase online.

PG MALL - Malaysian No.1 E-Commerce Platform
One of my one stop shop ecommerce is PG Mall. PG Mall is a Malaysian online shopping platform, established since 2017 operate by PG Mall Sdn. Bhd. aimed to create a trusted and reliable business platform for sellers/merchants to grow their business and also to serve buyer/consumer with a great online shopping experience. For your information, PG Mall is the only Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia! It's a great achievement and we should be proud and give our support to local product. Let's explore PG Mall now.

ConsuMerchant Concept
PG Mall practice a ConsuMerchant concept. ConsuMerchant is a combination from the word “Consumer” and “Merchant” and it is their genuine profit sharing economy business model. This concept help consumers/shoppers to be entrepreneurs and build a permanent business empire with PG Mall. Become part of the partner, PG Mall offers us with continuous cashback rewards after purchase and also through “Forever Cash Back” program, will also be rewarded through referral program.

There are so much fun and benefits to explore with PG Mall. Definitely worth it. For your information, according to the Iprice insight report, PG Mall ranked top 3! It’s growing bigger and widely known. PG Mall also offers varieties of goods from wide range categories like home appliances, kitchen and dining, groceries, electronic device, mobile and tablet, fashion, sports and travel, health and beauty product and many more.

Not only that, shopper also will get up to 3.5% cashback when purchase on PGMall. Personally, this is another great deal. We shop and we get cashback. Yes, we should be bijak berbelanja right? What are you waiting for, sign up an account now at PG Mall. I’ve done my part.

Hot Day Sales 3 Slots Everyday
Yes, at PG Mall you can expect for everyday promotion. With the wide range and quality product offer, we also tend to love the word sale a lot. Fret not because at PG Mall, they have Hot Day Sales that goes on with 3 slots every day at 10AM, 4PM and 9PM. Shopper, don’t miss this chance because PG Mall offer up to 80% OFF daily, lowest price guaranteed. You see it, you grab it!

Love You 3,000 Campaign
Do you want to become one of the lucky winner to win up to RM3000 C-Wallet? Here at PG Mall, you might be the one. Just purchase RM30 and above on PG Mall, you will entitled to join Love You 3,000 campaign. Multiple orders that above RM30 can be entitled to lucky draw per account. The more you spend, the higher chances for you to win. The winners will be announced every 15th and 30th of the month through lucky draws. The name of the purchaser who purchase within the past 2 weeks from the announced date will be shortlisted. That’s means up to RM3000 C-Wallet will be given to the winners every two weeks. Awesome deal ever!

Payweek Bonanza
From 25th of the month till 5th of the following month, the Payweek Bonanza will run as the objective is that the general population are receiving their salary in that week and will have higher spending power/intentions. With a minimum purchase of RM50 from the same store, shoppers will enjoy Free Shipping.

So, never ending and awesome deal right? There are so many campaign and promotion offered at PG Mall. Variety of products with a discount price, you buy and you get cashback and many more. And I personally prefer online shopping because it is energy saving, time saving, money saving furthermore more safe during this pandemic period. PG Mall is one of my online shopping platform that are reliable and secure when shop online. Please visit PG Mall for more info and sign up an account now for a great deal coming. Let’s Shop Now.

PG Mall

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