My Heart Saying : Happy Women's Day

by - March 08, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and good morning. 
Happy Women's Day to me and to all women in the world!!

May Allah bless us always, may we stay proud of who we are, 
may we succeed in everything we do and may we have the strength to take down the men...err, nope! That's way too wrong...haha! I mean, may we be the strength of those men who need us, be it the husband, father, boyfriend or friends. After all, men and women...we do need each other....=)

"The hands that rocks the cradle rules the world..."

It had been a while. Miss my blog. The schedule getting pack. 
Assignments. Report. Proposal FYP. Final Year Project : Braille Transcription. 
Finding and calling the sponsors for International Visit to Korea.
Until then, my precious time with my blog will fade. Ah, cliche. 
Abandon that saying.. bla.. bla.. 
Whatever happen in our life, juat keep smiling. Smiling. 
And smiling. 

That picture above? Out of the blue it glued there. Hehe.
That was my heart saying two or three days ago.
Again, cliche.
Stop nagging. Stop dreaming. Keep working. Happy life then.

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5 Comment

  1. betul tu.. sam ala kita dulu kapel ngan org lain. last2 kawen ngan org lain

  2. haaa.. jodoh ni Allah dah tetapkan.. kan.. kak dysha, dah lepas dah zaman pening kepala nak cari pakwe.. hehe.

  3. hehe bersabar ye.. moh le sama2 kita pening kepala memikirkan who are our future hubby :D

  4. @Iha Zaliza iha, my dear,, ni yg suka ni, aq org nak teman kak shad fikir sama2.. huhu


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