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by - October 13, 2016

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all. 

Gift From Your Heart | How's your day. Wishing all of you a great happiness. Road to happiness? The choice is simple really, CHOOSE to be happy. Be happy and make people you love happy. Reward? It will make you feel happy afterwards. How can we make others happy? One of it? Yes. A gift from your heart. As a token of appreciation, gratitude. Or as a token of affection, love. Hehe. How can we make or gift-giving be special? Yes, make personalised gift items for example.

" - Precious Gift From Your Heart"

What is personalised gift?
Personalize/personalise from Oxford dictionary means to mark something, to show that it belongs to you. Or in the simple way, make you own design, your own mark. Personalised gift? A gift from your own design. For example, you will be organizing a big gathering event, how about, personalise a gathering T-shirt. Make your  own design based on the occasion. It would be awesome right.

Why personalised gift?
- To make it more special and exclusive.
- Limited edition of your own design.
- To show a bit more appreciation.

Where to get your own personalised gift?
From the web, Printcious is a company that provides printing services on personalised gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, cushions, ceramic tiles and many more. These items are suitable for gift-giving occasions such as birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or corporate events.

Product Categories at
T-shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases, Cushions, Ceramic Tiles, Mini Tees, Puzzles, Mousepads, Baby Rompers, Coasters, Button Badge, Caps, Canvas and Bags.

My thoughts on website:

The site
○ User friendly and easy to use. So it is very convenient for first time visitors.
○ Colorful and adorable. Love that.
○ Compatible for mobile user. So, user can  view and shop freely, anywhere, anytime.

Services Provided
○ An awesome online gift shop. Have multiple choice of categories to choose.
○ Are you designer? You can sell your art at printcious.
○ Provide customisation tool at the web. You can design on your own special gift. Provide text tool and you can upload image from  your multiple social media and desktop.

Let's give something adorable and special to someone special. Let's celebrate something special by giving a surprise customize gift. Let's design and shop your gift at, "Precious Gift From Your Heart".

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