Althea CNY 2019 Mini Haul

by - March 04, 2019

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

Althea CNY 2019 Mini Haul. Do you miss remember me? Been missing for couple weeks thou. Busy here and there, same usual routine, none to zero super-special-change in personal life (orang lain dah upgrade status one-step-closer i.e engage, two-is-better-than-one aka married, mom-to-be, kau je dari dulu alone in your own world. Haha. Bila tiba masanya, it will come to you. InsyaAllah. The right one, the right time. He knows better! And the rest is history. Tudia kemain lagi intro kau kan Shad.

Reverse to Althea CNY 2019 shopping haul. Just stock up few item yang memang dah lama Shad aim, and some are repurchase. Thanks Althea for the RM18 Off promo during Chinese New Year baru-baru ni. Printed image dekat box pun cantik, sweet sangat sempena CNY. And I wish to shop more and more.  

My Beauty Tool_Lovely Etti_Hair Band - RM15.00
Too cute to resist. Sememangnya betul, a girl (like myself) tend to buy something just because it is cute and lovely! Do you? Sama jugak ka kita? I bet it is a YES. So, lepas ni boleh lah nak feeling mood best cuci muka bila tengok benda-benda cute ni. The price pun reasonable. Kalau ada lagi hair band design adorable macam Etti ni, purchasing intent tu memang sangat tinggi. Thanks for the cuteness design indeed. 

Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser (150ml) - RM33.00
Start tahun lepas, 2018 and earlier this year 2019, Althea memang rancak come out dengan new skincare and makeup line. Almost everything look awesome, lepas tengok many beauty enthusiast raved about it dekat Instagram. Lepas baca review produk dekat website Althea, Shad decide to give it a try, beli Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser. Nice catch ehh. Serum Cleanser in one bottle, menarik jugak kan. This serum-like-cleanser ada dua fungsi, as cleanser dan sebagai makeup remover if I am not mistaken.

Packaging yang minimalist (some people might refer this unattractive. haha), but I like it. Bukan nak guna botol, nak guna isi dia. Haha. Just a minus 0.5 point sebab when received, ada a bit leaking dekat bahagian inner cap (nasib baik dalam 2ml je tumpah). First impression, love the mint scent from it. Dah try 2-3 kali, and I like it! Great to remove dirt and light makeup product. Also use this one in the morning lepas bangun tidur, cuci sleeping mask. So far, nice. Will review this after a month use.

Innisfree Aloe Revital Skin Mist (120ml) - RM37.00
One of my favorite skin mist from Innisfree. Been loving this Aloe mist for years. Review HERE. Packaging menarik slim, harga pun berbaloi. Ingredient utama adalah Aloe Vera (94% extract of Jeju organic aloe flesh), yang semua maklum aloe vera ni banyak kebaikannya. 12 Kegunaan Aloe Vera. Simple yet awesome mist!

Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad 120EA -RM28.00
Cotton Pad from Klairs was in my wishlist agak lama. Bought this after cotton pad yang sedia ada dah habis. This one agak nice jugak. Texture dia different on both side. So far Shad bagi 4/5 bintang. Much better than previous cotton pad yang Shad guna.  

Okay, dah habis. Overall, I love the CNY Box from Althea. Shipping just take around a week from Korea to Jitra. Next month nak beli apa pulak ye? Hihi. Have you shop beauty stuff on Althea yet? If not, please do. Here are their website, Althea sekarang dah banyak product line sendiri dah. Skincare, cosmetics! Congrats Althea. I would love to try their sunscreen next. See ya! Enjoy shopping girls! Have a nice day.

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15 Comment

  1. Wahhh best² !! Nanti nak beli juga la

  2. Althea ni dah Makin byk produk. Bestnya.

  3. semua nya barang best2.. Althea memang banyak pilihan skincare kalau nak try macam2 brand..

  4. Tak pernah beli klairs lagi.. Semua batang althea best.. Tak sbr nakntebus reward

  5. Comelnya yg utk kepala tu.. Hihi.. Wah shopping nampak.. Nnti nk shopping gkla kt althea

  6. TB suka semua produk Althea ni.. yang aloe spray gel mist tu TB ada beli gak tapi jenis yangagi satu tu

  7. Your pictures are stunning! 😍
    x, 멜 (Mell) from Althea

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