MISTHREE By Dian Jaunah Wangian Memikat

by - June 24, 2023

MISTHREE By Dian Jaunah Wangian Memikat. Kenal kan dengan Cikgu Dian Jaunah ni, ha kalau korang nak tahu founder this MISTHREE ni cikgu ni la. Baru-baru ni scroll Instagram ternampak this mist spray, tengok review ramai cakap best, wangi. Sis kan mudah terpengaruh especially kalau bab perfume ni, can't resist, terus place order you. Haha. Here we goes, got this bottle for myself after a week place order. 

Printing dekat packaging box dia memang cantik, ala-ala summer vibes gitu, ada daun-daun. Mist spray ni datang dalam botol kaca jenis tebal dan sturdy, simple yet nice je packaging dia for me. Easy to handle with plastic spray on top with cap. 

From the box, MISTHREE aroma ready for all occasions. This luxurious water based perfume is specially crafted with France's formulation & does not cause any damage while being perfectly suitable for body, hair & hijab. Specialnya this perfume boleh spray dekat badan, rambut dan fabrik seperti hijab. Bau dia for me, memang wangi, best dan soft-soft je. Sekali sembur terus suka, long-lasting juga, more than 6-7 hours, bau dia masih melekat lagi.

Direction : Shake well the bottle first to activate the scent molecules. Spray MISTHREE on your body, hair or hiojab from six inches away. (Hair - Lift up the roots of your hair and spray generously. Then run your finger through your hair)

Key Ingredients: Aqua (water), Parfum (fragrance), Linalool, Citronellol, Limonene, Geraniol, Citral.
Product are alcohol free, allergen free, long lasting, no damage to hair and no damage to fabric. Produk berdaftar, NOT220403043K

Sangat recommend for those yang nak try tukar-tukar new aroma, bau dia soft, sedap dan tenang gitu. Nice sebab boleh sembur dekat body, rambut dengan fabrik pakaian. 

Body | Hair | Hijab mist
Price RM47.00
Where to buy : Instagram @by_dianjaunah

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