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by - January 26, 2014

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

Here we go. I wanna review a little cute pink-like blog with the URL The owner of the blog, Fatin Diana with the nick name FD. Considering the 1st Mini Giveaway 2014 by Shad that had been launch on 25th January 2014, I would like to review the sponsor of my giveaway. Thanks a lot for being part of my giveaway. Nah, I give you extra, big hug to you FD.

Cute little pink with polka dots.

The thing that I know bout FD :

- She's 21 years old-to-be on 27.7.2014. Am I right? Shad ingat sebab this 
date is the same as my sister's birthday. Huhu. Safe the date.
- Currently, home sweet home in Terengganu. 
- Love to organize Giveaway very much.
- And love to join giveaway in last minutes times. hehe. No offend eh.
- She love chocolate very much. and kek batik too.. 
- Love to have many friends and a friendly friend too. 

My comment :

- No comments I think. All of all is nice blog and sweet color. 
- Like her writing especially when it come to review products. 
- Love to be there to join giveaways. Very much.

Contact her at :

- Blog :
- Fanpage : 
- Facebook :
- Instagram :
- Twitter :
- Her :
Kidnap gambar FD, mata lawa.
All of all, thanks again for being a sponsor in my giveaway. 
Hopefully, next time, we can cooperate again. Wish you success in your life
 and your business. May Allah bless.

This entry is fully in English, perhaps. 
I wanna fulfill my dream on having a fully English language blog. Huhu.

May dream comes true.. Hopefully. Nah, giving you guys extra, 
Tips on Easy learning English language. Hope that, it can help uoll. 

Let's together, join my 1st Mini Giveaway 2014. Due 10.2.2014

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6 Comment

  1. whoaa. .fd yg femes. .heee. .
    sma la kita, wanna have a blog written fully in english.. tp mcm xjd je. .haha. .jd certain entry la kita guna full english wlupun ada rojak2 ckit. . :D

  2. @BudakVanilla hehe.. yeah, the famous one.. together, keep it up.. oh my English..

  3. tahniah kepada yang d review..:)

  4. baru perasan entri ni. hihi! malu ahh. kantoi dah selalu join GA last minute. hahahaa! xD
    thanks sebab sudi terima fd sebagai sponsor dlam 1st Mini GA ;)


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