DiGizens Thank You Sale : Smartphone For My Father

by - January 02, 2014

Greetings and Assalamualiakum to all.
Wishing You all have a nice day and A Happy New Year.

Last week, I checked my gmail message, there are an awesome offer from Digi and Nuffnang about DiGizens Thank You Sale. Awesome Sale too. Then I said to myself, "I should grab this chance to make my father happy". 

The grateful person in my life of course my father and mother. And  I wish I could buy something for my father. To be honest, I'm not a good present picker, especially a gift for father. I don't know what is the suitable present to give, since my father always said that, "Kakak, no need to buy that for me." when I offer to buy something for him. So that, I'm in dilemma. Then, I saw this DiGizens Thank You Sale. Whoaahh, this is awesome. Hope that, it will give a big surprise to my lovely father. I think I should buy two smartphone. One for my father, and another one for my mother. Awesome right. Should be fun after this, having an a Skype to have a conversation with both of lovely parents. 

Here are some awesome plan and sale from DiGizens Thank You Sale.

Message from DiGizens Thank You Sale

HOHOHO It is the most exciting time of the year again! We’ve been looking forward to the joyful month of gifting andddddddd it’s finally here! This time, if you think that Year End Sales is just about shop, shop and shop till you drop, think again!!

All thanks to our thoughtful DiGizens (DiGi staffs), they know that you have been working hard throughout the year. *pats on shoulder* Hence, they would like to reward EVERYONE by having the Biggest Year-End promotion yet!

This time, with DiGi awesome offers and plans, you get to reward yourselves and your loved ones with FREE smartphones, FREE tablets,FREE internet and FREE calls! Tell me, who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Awesome right!

I love you ayah, Thank you DiGizens Thank You Sale for this awesome promotion with FREE smartphones, FREE tablets,FREE internet and FREE calls!  on Year End Sale 2013. For more detail : Click HERE.


Ps : In order to show our appreciation to all DiGi users for this amazing year by making DiGi the widely preferred network in Malaysia, DiGi is now giving away 2 Samsung GALAXY S4 smartphones and 1 HTC One smartphone to our selected lucky winners! Click HERE for more detail.

Sincerely, Shad

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