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by - May 29, 2015

Greeting and Assalamualaikum to all.

Ephyra Skin Bar The Best | Beauty Review. Olla everyone. I'm back with a new product review. Just recently, I've been using a soap bar called, Ephyra Skin Bar from Ocenlife. If it is new for you, Ephyra Skin Bar is a soap bar for both face and body. For your information, Ephyra Skin Bar is their second product after Ephyra's supplement. Ramai yang dah tahu rasanya. Right? This facial bar is so famous among men and women after it launched couple month back. And I've fall in love again and again with this Ephyra Skin Bar. I'm just include this to my favorite top 5 facial cleanser I've been using before. Have you try one?

ephyra skin bar
ephyra skin bar

Before we go further with my personal review after using this Ephyra Skin Bar, let us have a peek on the benefits and the ingredients first. Be careful, after reading this you might wanna buy and try this. Hehe.

EPHYRA SKIN BAR, 100% Natural Instant Skin Makeover. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients with no forbidden harmful substances. It is safe and suitable for all skin types, men and women of all ages. Ephyra Skin Bar help to;
  • moisturize skin and increase radiance to skin / melembabkan kulit dan menaikkan seri wajah
  • brighter, smoother and firmer skin / kulit muka lebih cerah, lembut dan tegang
  • removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells / menanggalkan kotoran, minyak dan sel kulit mati
  • treat skin breakouts / merawat kulit berjerawat
  • remove acne's scars and pigmentation / menghilangkan parut jerawat dan jeragat
  • removes blackheads on the face / menghilangkan blackheads di muka
  • can eliminate body odor / boleh menghilangkan bau badan
  • suitable for the whole body / sesuai digunakan untuk keseluruhan badan

ephyra skin bar
ephyra skin how to use

Ephyra Skin Bar - Promotes beautiful skin. This premium facial & body soap contains Glutathione & Bearberry Alpha Arbutin  A Extract that even out skin tone and reduce appearance of dark & aging spot, pimple marks & freckles. It has Collagen that plumps skin cells to make it firm looking . It also fight acne and has anti-bacterial & anti- inflammatory properties. Ephyra Skin Bar can also lightens darks underarms, revives the suppleness of the skin, while moisturizing and nourishing it. The unique blend of these ingredients will keep your skin radiant and younger looking.

Ingredients: Glutathione, Bearberry Alpha Arbutin A Extract, Fish Collagen, Seaweed, Carrot Extract, Banana enzyme, Rich Brand Oil, Glycerin, Aromatherapy fragrance.

  • Glutathione - Kaya antioksida yang melindungi protein enzim dan mencegah kerosakan kulit yang boleh menyebabkan kedutan dan parut. Glutathione boleh melambatkan proses penuaan dan memperbaiki keadaan kulit. Ia mengawal kesan kesan-kesan bahaya radikal bebas dan mengelakkan pembentukan parut tebal.
  • Bearberry Alpha Arbutin A Extract - Paling berkesan, cepat dan selamat untuk mencerahkan kulit. Ia membantu menjadikan tona kulit lebih sekata dan bersih dari bintik-bintik hitam.
  • Kolagen - Menyokong ketahanan fizikal dan keanjalan kulit dan menggantikan sel-sel kulit dengan lebih cepat untuk menjadikannya lebih tegang dan anjal.
  • Glyserin - Merawat kulit berminyak yang menyumbang kepada masalah jerawat serta masalah kulit lain. Sangat berguna merawat mesalah eczema dan mengurangkan jangkitan bakteria pada kulit. Ia juga memberi kelembapan pada kulit.
  • Banana Enzyme - Bertindak sebagai egen anti penuaan yang memperbaiki tekstur dan tona kulit disamping menjadikan kulit lebih licin, halus da berseri.
  • Seaweed - Salah satu agen anti keradangan kepada jerawat; rumpai laut atau seaweed menjadikan kulit lebih anjal, menaikkan seri wajah serta menjadikan kulit lebih tegang.
  • Carrot Extract - Sifat anti keradangannya membantu menggiatkan semula sel kulit dan menjadikan tona kulit lebih sekata, bersinar serta membantu memperbaiki tisu kulit, melindungi kulit dari pancaran sinar matahari.
  • Rice Bran Oil - Bahan semula jadi yang diperkaya dengan kandungan vitamin, nutrien dan agen anti oksida yang mampu merawat penuaan serta menyuburkan kulit dari dalam disamping memperbaharui dan memperbaiki permukaan kulit.

ephyra skin bar whitening

Direction of Use: Lather soap onto your face. Massage well for 2-3 minutes. For darker skin, apply the product to your skin about 5 minutes while for sensitive skin, apply the soap not more that 3 minutes. Rinse well and apply moisturizer to the skin. For a faster effect, apply the soap 2-3 times a day.

Ephyra Skin Bar | My review

I love the color and the scent of this skin bar. It is a transparent blue color. The scene is like an ocean. Oh I can't describe. But it is a nice one. It is 100% natural and no chemicals substances. What else can I say, when the quality is so good with the best ingredient on and of course with so many benefits from that, as stated above. And it is an affordable one. A soap bar cost RM39 only. It can last for up to two month for each soap bar. I love to cut them into small cubes/pieces. Quite saving right. Buih dia pun banyak.

ephyra skin bar
Picture above, after 1 week and 2 week used
I have a normal skin, and I'm using this skin bar trice a day, with no-peeling at all and it doesn't make my skin dry and doesn't leave my skin dehydrated. Oh, I like the result on that. You know, I hate it very much when my skin start peeling and dry. Putting some powder on a dry and peeling-off skin is a crucial! But with Ephyra Skin bar, it make my skin moist. Really love the result of no-peeling and not-dry from that.

After using it for one month, I can say that the acne scars slightly fade and disappeared by time. Oh, thank god I found this soap bar. You know, I can't help myself to pinch the acne when it appear. I can't stand looking them. People said that, it's not good to pinch the acne/pimple. After all it does make sense. After you pinch the acne, here come the black scars on the spot. Quite annoying right. Thanks to this bar soap, it does fades the scar. I do love the effect of "kecutkan" acne/pimple on the skin after using this soap bar.

I also love the effect of brighter and smoother on the skin after applying this soap bar. I think I might have a better, healthy and younger look. Have to consistently on using this. I decided to give it a try on this for upcoming month too. I love the result very much. Overall, I love this soap bar and I'm highly recommend this to you. It is natural and a good treat for skin breakout after all. Must give it a try people.

Product Information
Name : Ephyra Skin Bar
Made in Malaysia
Net Weight : 50gm
Price : RM39.00
Where to Buy : SMS/WhatsApp 019-3800 779

*Disclaimer - Ephyra Skin Bar Review. I spent my personal time writing on this blogpost. This review is based on my personal review after using the product. They may varies to other person considering individual type of skin. 

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  1. Hi, kite pon minat EPHYRA SKIN BAR nie... bila pakai, syok nyer rasa, tapi bila tak pakai rasa white head mula bermaharjalela! huhuu...

    1. aah best kan. rasa lembut dan licin je kulit muka.. ha, kena pakai selalu lah nampaknya ya..

  2. Replies
    1. hehe, best kak.. jom try jom..

    2. Nak beli tu yg fikir dulu huhhu

    3. hehe.. kalau dah habis cleanser yang akak tgh guna, boleh la beli ni. habiskan mana yang ada dulu, hehe ... :D

  3. i should give a try la jugak..
    mcm best saja.. tapi kena tunggu facial products habis dulu la..
    kalo dak membazir pulak..

    1. yes you should give it a try, mmg best ephyra skin bar ni.. terbaik.. :D

  4. Hi kak...i just bought this product n used its for 2 days already....at the 1st day i applied on my face all of my pimple was came out...is it normal or should i stop to use it??i need ur reply asap...tq...

    1. hi dear, thank you for the visit. Ouh, the pimple comes out after using this bar? Sometimes its normal, cause of the new product. Sometimes it means the product is not suitable for our skin. My recommendation, try to stop using the previous facial cleanser before use this ephyra bar, if you had used one. Make it a gap about a week. If not, use this ephyra bar once or twice a day.. If the pimple keep comes out, I think this ephyra bar may be not suitable to your skin. I've been using this ephyra bar for almost 2 month, and the result is nice. Thank you, do keep in touch ya, if you have anything to ask, do so, I'm grateful if I can be a help.


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