My 5 Minutes Daily Skincare Routine

by - November 03, 2016

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

My 5 Minutes Everyday Skincare Routine. Hi everyone. How's your day. Wishing all of you a great happiness. Today. Tomorrow. Future. As for today, I am very happy to share my 5 minutes everyday skincare routine to all. Yes, 5 minutes. Unbelievable? No. It is possible. 

Before we go further, have you wonder and curious the reason why we should concerns about pampering and taking care of our skin. Yes, indeed. Beauty is in the eye of beholder. No objection on that. When it come to word BEAUTY, it become a BIG thing in a woman's life. Girls, most of them have so much concern on their look. They (including myself) will do everything to look more pretty and pretty. Agree or agree to disagree? Hehe. Guys, I believe they would love to have an eye on something beautiful too. One of the factor in choosing girlfriend? Or maybe a wife. Berapa ramai yang jenis tak kisah pasal cantik ni. Sikit sangat. And I bet, guys also have the feeling of 'Aku pun nak nampak smart and handsome too'. Kan kan kan. 

Yes, cantik itu subjektif. Merangkumi banyak aspek. Tapi cantik boleh jadi objektif juga, sometimes. Okey, for example. Cuba letak gambar Neelofa dengan gambar sendiri sebelah menyebelah. Siapa yang lebih cantik. I bet, most of all akan cakap, Neelofa. Hehe. Di situ cantik menjadi objektif. 

So, why people tend to look more beautiful? Why people concern about skin care? 

1. The norma. Fitrah kejadian manusia itu yang sukakan sesuatu yang cantik dan indah.
2. Individual satisfaction. Self confidence. Having a clear and fair skin versus skin with so much pimple and acne, can you differentiate the level of confidence. Agak-agak berbeza tak? I believe it does.
3. First Impression? To impress someone with your beauty. Cantik untuk suami, boleh. 
4. Youthful. Tak nak nampak tua dari umur sebenar. Wrinkles is a scary word. Rite. 
5. Apart from all, it is hygiene. Menjaga kebersihan itu amalan yang mulia. 

Soo much intro eh, okey back to the topic, my 5 minutes skincare routine. How it is possible? Let's find out.

My 5 Minutes Skincare Routine

Day Routine
1. Facial clean using Tomato Clear Skin - It takes 2 to 3 minutes
2. Applying sunblock SPF30 Miracle Rice - 2 minutes

For a sunny day, it is a must to keep our skin hydrated and get fully protection from the sun. So, here I am falling in love with this Tomato bar (TCS) that contains tomato extract and rose water. It give an awesome effect to my skin. In addition, this bar can be use as cleanser, masker and make scrub. For sunblock spf30 during daytime, it is perfect enough to protect my skin from the sun. And it is so adorable that, it gives moisturizing effect to my skin. Kindly please, at least apply any sunblock-like (that have spf on it) you have during daytime. Like to mention that, major skin problem is from the sun rays. So, let's apply some protection for our skin.

Night Routine
1. Facial clean using Tomato Clear Skin - 2 to 3 minutes
2. Applying treatment cream, Corrector Cream Oil - 2 minutes

After a hectic daily life routine, with so much outdoor activities and dust I strongly agree that, we should at least clean our face once again. 2 times a day or maybe 3 times. Morning, evening and at night before going to sleep. And I think it is the right time to apply some treatment cream right before going to sleep. So that, all the nutrients from the cream can be absorbed well. I love Corrector Cream Oil so much. It contains almond oil and cocoa extract that are believe to be a good ingredients to improve skin imperfections. *Noted that, product used is one of my favorite skincare. WR Natural Skincare.

For a little bit lazy person like me, I bet this product suite me well. Just as simple as that. 5 minutes I am ready to go outside. 5 minutes with this step, I can complete the basic skincare routine. Cleansing /Membersih, Repair /Merawat and Protect /Melindungi. 

Please take note, skincare only help about 20% to have a fair skin. Another 80% is covered by other factors such as surrounding, food we consume, tidur cukup ke tak, minum air cukup tak and many more. So, jangan salahkan produk ya kalau bila uolls pakai, tapi macam tak ada perubahan punnn. At some point, it need time though. Healing process for every person is different from each other. So, if you happened to find an awesome product that suitable for the skin, just consistent and be patient. That is the key to look beautiful too. 

So, that's all. I have shared my 5 minutes skincare routine together with my favorite skincare product. How's yours? Come and leave me a message. Mana tau, boleh try test produk yang you all guna. Thank you all for reading.

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