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by - December 06, 2016

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all

Unboxing Box of Joy | Lazada Online Revolution 2016 | Lazada MY. Hi everyone, it is Tuesday. And I'm back with another 'let's shopping' blog post entry here. Maaf jika gaji uolls berkurang lepas baca entry ni. Hehe. Widely known, Lazada is one of the famous online shopping site that offers great deal and promotion and also with good services. That's why people love to shop at Lazada. Right? Currently they are having one month event, Lazada Online Revolution, the biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia starting from 11.11 until 14.12.

With the theme for this year's Online Revolution "Brand for All", marks Lazada's into a one stop shop for Malaysian favourite brands including L'oreal, Garnier, Kotex, Drypers, Nestle, Kleenex, SanDisc, Samsung, Microsoft, ZTE, Huawei, Bata, Puma, Sharp, Tefal, Panasonic, LG and many more. We can shop products and items from wide array of categories together with exclusive deals and offers and up to 90% discount off for the whole month. 

Don't miss the chance and grab this great deal yah. 
Find joy in every parcel! Surprise yourself, your friend and family with Lazada Box of Joy.

First and foremost, thank you Lazada MY for the lovely 'Lazada Box of Joy' fill with so many awesome stuffs. Joyfully and happily received the box just recently. First time dapat surprise box yang best macam ni. Hehe. Absolutely excited and happy! 

So, let's find out what is in the box. They are varieties item in the Box of Joy including product from TP-Link Cloud Camera, Mamy Poko Wipes, Maggi Royale White Tom Yam, Maggi OatMee Goreng Perisa Kari, Loreal Hair Treatment, Nestle Milk, Nescafe White Coffee Pandan, Lactokid , Ola Bola Bag Milo and Voucher Shopping Lazada.

The TP-LINK cloud service lets you see and hear what's most important to you wherever you are, at any time, from your computer or iPad, iPhone or Android device. Check on your family of pets in living room when you are outside the house, keep an eye on your shop to make sure everything goes smoothly, or even have a look on the backyard to ensure no one breaks in, TP-LINK cloud camera gives you peace of mind.
tpCamera App - Use the tpCamera app to access feeds from anywhere, at any time
Motion Detection - Immediate notification by email whenever motion is detected
Easy Setup - Install and operate the camera within minutes
300Mbps Wireless - 300Mbps wireless for fluid video and Wi-Fi extension

Maggi Royale White Tom Yam and Maggi OatMee Goreng Perisa Kari 

Okey, this is yummy. Siapa ja yang tak pernah makan instant mee right. I have been loving Maggi instant mee for such a lonnng time since. Sesuai sangat nak makan bila nak cepat and when the fridge is almost empty. Hehe. 

Breakfast with healthy drink and food is important right. Love the Nestle Just Milk (full cream milk) so much. Rasanya memang dia tak ada letak gula. Love that. Nestle Cerelac tu pun sedap. Sesuai sangatlah kalau nak bagi kanak-kanak makan kan. Berkhasiat tu. 

Nescafe White Coffee Pandan : http://www.lazada.com.my/nescafe/

Also love the smell of the Nescafe White Coffee rasa Pandan. The taste is good too. As always. Breakfast and Tea time with a cup of Nescafe rasa Panda is so lovely. Kalau travel pun, boleh bawak the sachets. Love that.

Ola Bola Bag Milo : http://www.lazada.com.my/milo/

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Have a nice day pretty and handsome. And wish all of you happy shopping. Thank you for reading. 

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