Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed | Book Review

by - December 23, 2016

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed | Book Review. Finally. I'd done reading this super duper awesome writing from Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart. Thank you for the great contents. Can't get over it. Tak boleh nak move on. This book really impress me. The content give a deep touch in every heart. At some point, it give a comfort feeling. Sometimes, I got the chilling emotion during the reading. And most of the time, repeatedly buatkan kita banyak berfikir. Keep me thinking that, things happened for a reason.

“I have not created jinn and humans (for any purpose) except to worship me,” (Qur’an, 51:56)

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

From Author

Reclaim Your Heart is not just a self-help book. It is a manual about the journey of the heart in and out of the ocean of this life. It is a book about how to keep your heart from sinking to the depths of that ocean, and what to do when it does. It is a book about redemption, about hope, about renewal. Every heart can heal, and each moment is created to bring us closer to that trans formative return. Reclaim Your Heart is about finding that moment when everything stops and suddenly looks different. It is about finding your own awakening. And then returning to the better, truer, and freer version of yourself. 

Many of us live our lives, entrapped by the same repeated patterns of heartbreak and disappointment. Many of us have no idea why this happens. Reclaim Your Heart is about freeing the heart from this slavery. It is about the journey in an out of life’s most deceptive traps.

This book was written to awaken the heart and provide a new perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain. Providing a manual of sorts, Reclaim Your Heart will teach readers how to live in this life without allowing life to own you. It is a manual of how to protect your most prized possession: the heart.

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

What is best from Reclaim Your Heart?

It is far more than self-help book. It give some comfort to my heart. (Indeed, Quran is the best medicine to have an ease heart). Very recommended for those who want to reclaim your heart. Awakening your heart from heartbreak, disappointment, loss. This book will help us back to the track. Forget the past. Dan percaya dan yakin dengan Qada' dan Qadar Allah. 

Bacaan yang tidak berat. Not a hard- reading material. You can read while enjoy drinking a cup of coffee. This book, is like a story telling from heart to heart. Almost all the content stated in this book, is the thing that always happen in our life. Thing that we always feel. Thing that we always think, ask ourselves. So, the answer is there. The only answer. Back to Allah. Back to Creator. 

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed
Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed
Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

This world cannot break you —unless you give it permission. And it cannot own you unless you handit the keys —unless you give it your heart. And so, if you have handed those keys to dunya for a while —take them back. This isn’t the End. You don’t have to die here. Reclaim your heart and place it withits rightful owner : God.

Contents from this book:

Why Do People Have to Leave Each Other?
People Leave, But Do They Return?
On Filling the Inner Hole and Coming Home
Emptying the Vessel
For the Love of the Gift
Peace on a Rooftop
The Ocean of Dunya
Take Back Your Heart

Escaping the Worst Prison
Is this Love that I’m Feeling?
Love is in the Air
This is Love
Fall in Love with the Real Thing
A Successful Marriage: The Missing Link

The Only Shelter in the Storm
Seeing Your Home in Jennah: On Seeking Divine Help
Hurt by Others: How to Cope and Heal
The Dream of Life
Closed Doors and the Illusions that Blind Us
Pain, Loss and the Path to God
A Believer’s Response to Hardship
This Life: A Prison or Paradise?

Salah: Life’s Forgotten Purpose
Salah and the Worst Kind of Theft
A Sacred Conversation
The Darkest Hour and the Coming of the Dawn
We Buried a Man Today: A Reflection on Death
Why Aren’t My Prayers Being Answered?
Facebook: The Hidden Danger
This is Awakening

The Empowerment of Women
A Letter to the Culture that Raised Me
A Woman’s Reflection on Leading Prayer
Manhood and The Facade of Being Hard

Drop the Prefix
Be Muslim, But Only in Moderation
Unspeakable Tragedy and The Condition of our Ummah
Today’s Opening of the Red Sea: Reflections on Egypt

A Letter to You
I Grieve
Just My Thoughts
A Reflection on Love
I Prayed for Peace Today
On The Struggle of Life
Die Before Your Death
Save me
My Heart is an Open Book
The Stab
Keep Walking

“It may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows, you know not.” (Qur’an 2:216)

Here are another screen capture from the book. All right reserves credit to author (Yasmin Mogahed). Visit the site now,

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed | Book Review

"May you be shown your Home in Jenna so that any hardship is made easy on you."

There are lots of beauty Verses from Quran and narrated Hadith in this book. Ada kisah-kisah sahabat, srikandi and many valuable info too. Good contents. Nice one.

To describe Reclaim Your Heart in one word, I can say it is Subhanallah, beautiful! It is too beautiful to miss reading this book. Thank you Dr.Yasmin for the great contents. May Allah bless you. Very recommended. 10/10

New Edition Now Available 
The second edition of Reclaim Your Heart features:
-Four BRAND NEW chapters
-Improved design and overall layout
-Upgraded photography/images
-Testimonials from Tariq Ramadan, Azizah Magazine, and more!

Please note: ONLINE buyers make sure you see the New Edition on cover before ordering. If it doesn’t appear by searching on title or author, please search on ISBN# 9780990387688

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