Shopping Haul with RM150 Lazada Voucher

by - August 01, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum.

Shopping Haul with RM150 Lazada Voucher. It is August now. I am starting this new month with a smile face. Yayyy, what else can be a happy and lovely day when your hard work and effort bear some fruits (meh, what an over reacting!). I've been joining Lazada contest for ages and of course with so many participation. I have been in despair due to many losses. How sad. 

Lucky I am for this time around, I got pick as one of the winner from 'Lazada Ramadhan Raya Blogger Contest'. Thanks Lazada Malaysia, it heal me a bit. Haha. The contest runs during last Ramadhan and Raya 2017. I've got RM150 Lazada shopping voucher and I am done with the shopping. Yayyy. Thank you Lazada for choosing me as the winner. 

So, what I bought at Lazada using the voucher given? 

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask

1. (10 sheet 10 kinds Mask) Innisfree It´s Real Squeeze Mask (100% Original)
Price: RM46.90*

This is my first time purchasing a product under 'skincare item' on Lazada. Thankfully it is definitely an authentic product. I am now becoming a sheet mask fans! If essences are the heart of the Korean skincare routine, then sheet masks are the soul. So, this 10 pack of It's Real Squeeze sheet masks will be my next 10-days-masking from the brand. The price is rather affordable. This sheet mask were randomly pick by seller (this range have 16 types of sheet masks). Ikut nasiblah dapat yang mana kan. Well yes, each and every types have their own specialty. The expiration date on each pack are various, from 2018 to 2020. 

2. Kitchen D style 4pcs double layer Clear Seasoning Rack Spice container
Price: RM32.40*

Seasoning Rack

Bought this for my mom and she love it. This spice rack is beautiful and a convenient way to store seasonings or other ingredients. Made of premium food grade material, durable and safe to use. It is build with tempered glass for viewing seasoning inside. This seasoning rack is easy to handle and the spice container/jar is cute too. Each jar can fill up to 300ml capacity and it also comes with spoon, and can be detach from the rack. Ideal storage spice, salt, pepper, tea etc. Not suitable to store sugar, because the opener/cover is not tight enough. You know, the colony of ants love everything taste sweet so much. Hehe. 

3. Aluminum Portable Camera Camcorder Tripod Stand w/Phone Holder For Canon Nikon
Price: RM32.00*

Tripod Stand

Been eyeing on the tripod stand for months and decided to buy one for the family portrait purpose and for blogging and vlogging work. What I love most about this tripod stand, it is light, portable and easy to carry. The quality of aluminum alloy is good too. It claims that, this tripod stand can support around 2.5kg camera load, but I am not sure if this can support your digital camera with so much lens attach. Other than that, I like how this tripod stand can support 360°full rotation, it is convenient for me to take a photo. It is ideal for digital camera, card camera and universal smart phone. The maximum height (1metre) is OK for me since I am using this for a leisure purpose. Overall, I like this tripod stand. 


4. PINENG PN-951 10000mAh Power Bank (Black) 
Price: RM33.90*

I think this product is under Lazada exclusive. I can't find the link under the same model anymore. But then I found another model(PN-953) with the same price range and also under Lazada Exclusive. Here is the link, PINENG PN-953. I would like to recommend you to use the search tool on Lazada site/mobile apps, just type power bank and there you goes, the long list. 

Power bank PN-951

So, I got mine PINENG PN-951 10000mAh Power Bank (Black) at RM33.90 sold and fulfilled by Lazada. What I love is the design, it is sleek and smart. Specialty of this model from my view are it was (1) built in vibrate to turn on switch, (2) have dual USB ports, (3) have LED indicator, (4) fast charging and (5) also have a micro USB connector which is very convenient because I don't need to bring along the long USB cable just to charge my phone. For 10000mAh capacity only at RM33.90, it is an affordable price. 

Last but not least, I bought a celcom RM5 topup with the balance. Guna sepenuhnya that RM150 voucher. Thanks Lazada. 

What I love most about Lazada is their fast delivery service. Items order​ received exactly almost the same as the estimate time arrival stated from seller. I don't have any issue with Lazada's service. They are always good in my eyes. Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my purchase on Lazada. Thanks for being a trusted seller and thank you so much for the voucher. Next time bagi lagi tau. I am very happy to receive more from you. Hehe. Thank you all for visiting.

*Price mentioned​ above is applicable to the time purchase

I spent my personal time on this blog post. I am not paid to write this blog post and review is based on my personal experience and 100% honest. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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  1. haritu kenapa takjumpa pun powerbank tu T_T cantiknya T_T

  2. so cute Rack Spice container tu...

  3. nak cari powerbank gak tapi yg jenis kecil tak jumpa huhuhu beli benda lain dah

    kak ekin tag shad giveaway


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