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by - July 30, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all. 

It is still not too late to wish a happy birthday to Althea right? Happy Birthday Althea. Thank you for the great deal, authentic products and much cheaper Korean beauty products sold on Althea. If you notice, I have shared many excitement activities and what's happening on Althea this month of July in my previous post. Link is here

There are so many giveaway, contest and fun activities running and it's coming to an end in two days. Still​ not too late to grab some free gift from Althea I suppose. Please head to Althea Korea now. Thank you Althea for the 10% OFF Coupon Code : ALTHEATURNS2 (Expires Aug 31,2017) included in the birthday box.

Althea 10% Off Code

So, in this entry I would love to share some sample pack that I received from Althea in conjunction with Althea Turns 2 birthday celebration. There are bundle of them. Thank you Althea. I enjoy the goodies so much. Here are the lovely goodies I received:

1. Wonde Ruci Light Light Eye Balm (20g)
Wonde Ruci is a professional brand formulated to bring up face's brightness to keep clean and health skin. Wonde Ruci Light Light Eye Balm is not an ordinary balm. This eye balm have 0% water. It is filled with concentrates and extract, a compressed balm-type that has soft and velvety texture. Can be applied on daylight and night as a skincare or even on already makeup-worn face. 

Wonde Ruci Light Light Eye Balm

It absorbs quickly to the skin and giving brightening, moisturizing and smooth effect under eye area. For those who dislike oily type balm, this Wonde Ruci Light Light Eye Balm would be an option. It is non oily and non sticky balm. For more info, kindly visit Light Light Eye Balm

2. Half Moon Eyes Wash Off Mask (Pink Fruity) 
The Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity is a wash-off face mask that claims to eliminate sebum and impurities from your pores also shrinking the size of the pores. It tightens pores, removes sebum, hydrates and nourishes the skin, gives an instant brightening effect, leaves longer lasting clear skin, and calms the skin with a cooling effect. 

It is a multi-functional mask that is formulated with Dragon Fruit Extract, Snail Slime Extract, Swiflet Nest Extract, Jeju Canola Honey Extract, Carbonated Mineral Water and Dragon Fruit Exfoliating Particles for keeping your skin healthy and glowing! For more info, visit

Half Moon Eyes Mask

3. Pure Smile Nego Punch Points Pads (Jasmine)
Pure Smile is indeed have various mask. From face mask, lip mask and even hair mask. The one that I got is Jasmine points pads. Contains Vitamin E, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Arbutin. 
More detail, visit

Aqua Blossom

4. Jill 2 Aqua Blossom White Effect Oled Cream
Honestly, I don't know much about this brand. This one is a hydra soothing whitening cream. Moisturizing cream I assume. Description I got while browsing, "WHITE EFFECT OLED CREAM which contains diamond powders, brings clear and pure skin for it is using much pearl extracts instead of purified water and it contains authenticated whitening ingredients as much as possible which feels like cream and will brighten user’s own skin color by using it immediately"

While browsing I feel intrigued to give it a try after knowing the ingredients use in the formulation of the cream. The ingredients include Diamond​ powder extract, Pearl extract, Sophora Flavescent Root extract, Cinnamomun Cassia Bark Extract, Honeysuckle Flower extract, Aloe Vera leaf powder, White Willow Bark extract and many more.

5. Whamisa Organic Flowers Lotion Original
Yeah, probably beauty junkies already know and been loving the most raved and best selling Whamisa products, the Organic Flowers Toner. So, Whamisa is a brand that are famous with their organic flower ferments. And they don't use any water in their product's formulation. Instead of water, Whamisa use botanical extract/ plant juice like Aloe Vera leaf Water as a water base, making it safe and healthy. 

Whamisa Flower Lotion

Whamisa also have a strict rules with the ingredients used. They don't use the '14-Toxic-Ingredients​-To-Avoid' in their products. No wonder, the price for each product is a bit costly. Whamisa Organic Flower Lotion Original sold at RM189 (120ml). What a 'nice' price eh? How lucky am I If I have millions buck in my account. Haha. Thanks Althea for including this sample pack in the Althea Birthday Box. I now have the chance to try the pricey lotion from Whamisa. For more info, visit

Beuins Mask

6. BEUINS Mask
Yeah, bundle of mask sample pack here from Beuins. Wishes for unchanging beauty can be realized by Beuins. Here are the sample pack that I received from Althea
  1. Soothing Sleeping Mask (Light Green Pack) - Soothe and softens sensitive skin healthy with Dragon blood extract.
  2. Whitening Sleeping Mask (White Pack) - Brightens and whitens dull, blotted skin with ingredients like White Eggplant and Niacinamide.
  3. Hydro Sleeping Mask (Blue Pack) - Promotes the water circulation of skin and provides moisture to skin with ingredients such as bursting water droplets and plant-based moisturizing ingredients.
  4. Nutrition Sleeping Mask (Purple Pack) - Makes skin moisturize and radiant with ingredients such as Centella asiatica and Macadamia oil.
  5. Energy Sleeping Mask (Red Pack) - Provide vitality and strengthen skin with the compound of Goat milk and Vitamins while tidying up the formative memory protective film of skin.
  6. Honey Scrub Mask (Yellow Pack) - Effectively removes excessive dead skin cell with Walnut powder and provides moisture and nourishment to skin as the viscous honey ingredients closely adheres to skin.
  7. Pore Clay Mask (Dark Green Pack) - Makes skin smooth and healthy by absorbing and removing sebum and impurities from pores with soft and moisturizing Moroccan clay.
So much to try right. For more info, visit

For those who wanna shop in the near future, here are RM15 coupon code when purchase over RM150 (RAMA15) for you to use when you check out on Althea. Valid until 31st July 2017. Enjoy shopping! Thank you Althea Korea for all the love given to me. Most appreciated that. I really enjoy the goodies so much. 

Althea Korea
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