Worth Repurchase: Aqua Whitening Cream

by - December 19, 2018

Hi, good day everyone. Remember my last post about my favorite water drop texture cream? It is Aqua Whitening Cream from Hansaegee Nature. Yayyy, I have been using this unique cream for about a month now. If you read my previous post about this cream, you will notice that, I repeatedly talk about how I love the texture from this cream. Link HERE if you haven’t read the post yet. 

In nice short talk, Aqua Whitening Cream is a 2 in 1 moisturizer that rich in whitening and moisturizing ingredients that help boost moisture into the skin, heal sunburn, repair skin and more. Other than the positive result which I experienced from continuous used, I am so in love with the water drop texture from this Aqua Whitening Cream. It is a nice cream to give it a try and worth repurchase. It is simple, easy to use, safe ingredients and most importantly it works! 

This cream did pretty awesome in giving moisture to my skin and I manage to calm redness and heal sunburn with this cream. Because I love this cream so much, I am now ready to purchase another one. All the Hansaegee Nature skin care products are ONLY available at official Website shop www.hansaegee.com/shop

Before we go further, if this is your first time hearing about it, Hansaegee Nature is a skin care brand based in Malaysia and all products are 100% Original made in Korea. Established since 2011, they start up with direct importing high quality and original skin care product from Korea. Aiming to provide quality and safe Korean product to customer, Hansaegee Nature assures you with all ingredients of products legally approved and safe to use.

Their best seller product for many years is Gold Nano CC Cream. Then in 2016, the in house brand Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream was launch in order to provide more complete skin care experience to customer. Followed by Hansaegee Nature Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser in year 2018 and now venture into Eye Care product, Facial Mask and lots of new skin care product.

All products are direct import legally from Korea to Malaysia and will be delivery from warehouse in Malaysia. Rest assured, we will get the product within faster period of time, legally approved by local authority, safe and product maintained at the good quality. All products only can be purchase on Hansaegee Nature website. 

So, I am ready to purchase my new Aqua Whitening Cream. I like their website, clean, easy to use/make order and very customer friendly. First, like usual sign up new member. Fill in the detail required like name, email address and password then create an account. Upon signing up, we will receive 50 points.

After completing sign up an account step, I am ready to shopping. The website is clear, and I can easily found the link button to go to all products link. At the upper website, they have clickable link BEST SELLER, PRODUCTS, PROMOTION, REVIEWS, TUTORIALS and WHAT’S NEW. Drop down menu shown under PRODUCTS are Skin Care, Facial Mask and Eye Care. Under Skin Care, there’s Aqua Whitening Cream that I want to buy.

As you can see above, the product and price also clearly stated. Great news was, it is free delivery within whole Malaysia for purchase more that RM70 and above. And customer will earn 1 reward points for every RM1.00 spent. For example, I buy Aqua Whitening Cream, so I got free delivery because the price is more than RM70 and I will get 148 points. And every 100 point can redeem for RM1 discount next purchase. And the reward points will never expired. Lovely.
I also like Hansaegee Nature Website for their product description. All products have detail description, and information that are able to search in the Website. This make thing easier for me, like everyone else, I am absolutely an ingredients go-thru person. Luckily on Hansaegee Nature website, they provide all the detail for each product. From the ingredients list, benefits, image explanation for better understanding and more. Almost perfect! I like it! 

Finish reading the information proceed to next step, add the product to cart click ADD TO CART. Proceed to next step, after conforming, click GO TO CHECKOUT and earn 148 points. Easy right?

After checkout, fill in delivery address and choose shipping method. Hansaegee Nature provides 2 option of delivery,  via Gdex or Pos Laju. I choose Pos Laju. The delivery is fast. All the order and payment done before 10 am will be shipped out at the same day, if after 10 am will ship out at the next working day. 
Next step after fill up shipping information, proceed with Review and Payment. For order option, they also provide many options. Product can order directly at website and payment by using Online Bank Transfer, ATM Deposit, or Credit Card (via ipay88) as shown in picture above. Or can place order by contacting Hansaegee Nature (via what’s app Or Live Chat) and the customer service team will assist immediately. If you have any question or need consult by Hansaegee team, can contact them by Live Chat, WhatsApp, or Email. 

We love Free Gift right? Here’s what I got in the package for placing order Aqua Whitening Cream. Comes with the cream, there are 3 gifts included; FREE Gift Pen, Paper Bag and Mirror. Awesome part, there are free gift for every order (different gift depending on the amount of order). So lovely, I’ve got my second pack of Aqua Whitening Cream. Delivery only takes 2-3 working days, and the parcel was nicely packed and wrap with bubble

While exploring the website, I was fascinating with the REVIEW and TUTORIAL part on the web. It was pretty awesome to put a great feedback there. You know, the more I read the feedback, the more I want to try all the products. Do you? So without waiting, I place my next order for Gold Nano CC Cream, Hansaegee Nature Aloe AC Bubble and Yogurt Facial Mask. It was on sale! So, YES!

Above are screenshot of the Review and Tutorial. The Review is basically an experience from happy customer that share some skin care tips using the product and the Tutorial part consist of tutorial ‘how to use the product’ and there are video too for better view. There are very convincing! I personally love to read people opinion before buying the product, and Hansaegee Website did a great job to provide all of the review and tutorial. They also have product on sale too. Nice.

Don’t forget to sign up as member. There are so many benefits, https://hansaegee.com/shop/memeber-benefits. If you need to reach Hansaegee Nature for daily update, they also have Instagram page, Facebook page, Youtube page and Blog page. The link are below.

Hansaegee Nature

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20 Comment

  1. Shad guna cream dia eh.. Zaza pakai sabun aloe ac tu.. Next time boleh order lagibkat website ni

    1. Aah, pakai moisturizer cream dia. Tengok cleanser yang Zaza try tu pun best, dah order satu nk try. Hihi.

  2. K.el pun ada try moisturizer dia..mmg best sgt..

    1. Yayyy, best best. Masuk koleksi top 10 unique texture.. Hihi..

  3. Shopping sambil kumpul point tu yang buat rasa akan shopping lagi kan.

  4. Wah.. Mcm best je smbil2 kumpul point.. Nk juga la cmni.. Hihi... Nnti nk terjah web hansagae..

  5. This brand is new to me, now you make me want to buy it too.

  6. Nad punya dh sampaii.. Tak sbr nak cuba ni.. Hehehe.. Nampak tgk yang lain pakai mcm best je.. Boleh rawat sunburn eek.. Bgus ni

  7. Wow.. nampak menarik. Tp x pernah dgr nama brand ni. Boleh explore nanti

  8. Sally masih lagi perlukan toner sebelum guna Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream ini sebab kalau tidak, mmg rasa macam kering sikit...bila gunakan toner sekali dengan krim lebih selesa dan mekap pun jadi tahan lama tidak berminyak.

  9. menarik, harga pun berbaloi...

    part best yg akak suka tang free gift dengan point tu, jiwa kacau dibuatnyer.. :)


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    line @ fansbetting
    wechat @ fansbetting
    bersama dengan kami CS fansbetting thankyou,,,

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