Mobile Games You Ever Play During Teenager

by - January 18, 2020

Good day everyone. Morning. 18/01/2020

Mobile Games You Ever Play During Teenager. I don't know if kids/ teenagers nowadays still playing games on their smartphones anymore. But I did spend a lot of time on that when I was a teenager back then and still playing games sometimes (walaupun age sekarang dah kategori dewasa!). Honestly, my sometimes tu actually once a year ataupun once in 6 month. Like seriously! Yes it is and it becomes more frequent (3 times a week) starting this month. Haha. 

I bet, I have so much free time now since I decided to resign from my last job as a personal assistant to a CEO start on January 1, 2020. Been 2 years as PA, now I miss the job, I miss the busy-me that time. After all, I am grateful that I have a great time for myself now. So, I am currently unemployed, and now I know the feeling of wanna kills the time! Got boring sampaikan ada masa to play some games. Just downloaded 2 games last week and suddenly the memory lane of playing some games masa zaman remaja dulu comes in mind. So here's my 10 list of games that I recall downloading and playing on my smartphone during my teens days. Let's count, how many did you played too. 

candy crush game

1. Candy Crush Saga
Oh I miss this matching game with colorful candy! The sweetest puzzle game! Switch, match and blast candies to win levels. I remember playing the game during my study at Uni before. Now that I recall, I think I was up to 350 levels and more. I enjoyed very much playing this game, it keeps my focus sharp. A game that can help my sel-sel otak berhubung, you know the game needs some creative thinking though (at least for me), sambil-sambil senaman mata looking for the matching candies. After all, the graphics are nice, eye catching and a fun game. Most teenagers at least play this game once. Do you? 

farm frenzy game

2. Farm Frenzy
Awww, this was a very long time ago. Imagine you have your own working farm. There are ducks, sheep, cows that need to be taken care off. Luckily there are not-a-picky-eater, (just need to feed grass). One thing that I notice, the bear in this game (bears eat your farm animal) always knows when to appear! Right timing! Each level has goals and you will get gold or silver badge (that come with bonus stars) each time you complete the level at a certain time given. Difficulty level is considered moderate for intermediate player. The graphic images for this game are simple and clean. Sadly, you need to pay for more level. After all, Farm Frenzy is a fun and relaxing game that needs a bit of concentration. Overall, I enjoy playing this game. 

hill climb racing

3. Hill Climb Racing
One of a very leisure game. I don't know why I install this game. Should I list it here? I'm sorry because I don't recall enjoy playing this game. It is either top simple, too boring or too hard to handle. Haha. This game is about racing your way up hill in physics based driving game. Face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments with many different cars. Collect coins to upgrade car and reach even higher distances and gain bonuses from daring tricks. The thing that I fed-up most with this game was the neck of the driver. Neck easy to crack (and die-end game) when vehicles flip down. Overall, the graphic is nice, can play offline mode, has about 25 and more stage to play.

pou game

4. Pou
Think you have what it takes to adopt a Pou? Oh yeah! I always imagine that I am a 7 years old kid that own a pet while playing this game. Yeah, you need to feed it with food, clean it and play with it, watch it grow up like you own a real pet. Ahha, not to forget, you can also choose and styling your Pou with beautiful clothes. Kinda fun. Ada banyak lagi mini game that quiet nice and fun to play in this Pou game. As far as I remember, I think I love most of the game like Food Drop, Sky Jump, Memory, Find Pou, Match Tap and more. After all, this is a game that doesn’t require critical thinking, fun and relax. Level difficulty is easy. Suitable for kids too. Have you play this game? I bet most of you will answer is yes.

big little farmer game

5. Big Little Farmer
What is the game about? Big Little Farmer is a unique blend of farming game first time in offline mode. Your escape to your dream farmland will not be restricted. After returning to your lush green family farm from the big city, it is your chance to polish your farming skills in offline games. This game is a bit similar to Farm Frenzy but much more advance, more beautiful graphic and features. Told you, once you dah start terjebak with this game, you can get addicted to it. Please be careful gaiys. Hahaha. After all, I love this game thanks to the beautiful graphic design.

plant vs zombie game

6. Plant VS Zombie
(Sing along) There’s a zombie on your lawn 3x. We don’t want zombies on the lawn. Oh yeah, I still remember this song from the game. Surely anyone who complete the level in this game will know this mesmerizing song. Another favorite game here, Plant Vs Zombie. I really enjoy playing this game so much. Basically I always play this game on my laptop. It is a happening and a great game. 

Stem a zombie attack on your yard with the help of powerful plants!  This game have 10 level on five group which are Day, Night, Pool, Fog, and Roof. A new plant is unlocked and added to the player's roster at the end of most levels. This game also have interesting mini games. Difficulty level is easy to medium. Graphic also nice. 

unblock me game

7. Unblock Me Puzzle Game
There are a lot of block puzzle game if you happen to search the keyword block puzzle game in apps store. A simple yet mind challenging game (at least for me). It is a game where we move the block to complete each set of level. Serious talk, I am addicted to Unblock Me puzzle game. Basically, this kind of game have so many set of games in each level from beginner to expert level. There are more than 150k puzzle to solve! Okay lap peluh, banyak giler. But, again an addictive and fun game. And it have many choice of theme too; summer, original, winter, chrismas, valentine, autumn, spring and more. So, tak de lah boring sangat kan, boleh tukar-tukar theme. 

I always play this game while waiting for the bus at bus stop, while waiting for my food at restaurant and more. Honestly this is the only game that I still have until now in my phone. A great game to kill the time and at the same time help to sharpen (is this the right word to use?) my thinking ability. Heee. It did help to train mind to stay sharp, focus and do careful analysis to solve the puzzle. Have you ever play this game?  Do you love it? 

quiz of knowledge game

8. Quiz of Knowledge
This is another game that I play often on my phone. A lot of kind, like riddles, word quiz, knowledge quiz games. It is an interesting game, sometimes mind blowing too. A lot of question, different kind of categories and yeah definitely a fun games that can help to gain knowledge. But sometime, the hardest question can takes the fun away. After all, it is a quiz game right. I learn a lot thru this quiz game.

fruit slice ninja game

9. Fruit Slice/Fruit Ninja
This is the game I will recommend if you're in a bad mood, you wanna relieve stress, wanna let out the anger. This is the best game for you. Fruit Ninja or Fruit Slice is one kind of juicy arcade game. It is an easy game, just slice all fruit as soon as you can before the times is up. As far as I remember, times given around 60 seconds. If you want a little bit more challenging, this game can be play with two player. The graphic image is beautiful too. Unfortunately, I end up uninstalling this game after a few weeks coz, I feel a bit boring playing the same thing everyday. 

escape game 50 room

10. Escape Game: 50 Room 1/2/3
This Escape Game: 50 Room game, I think this game quite latest.  This is a classic puzzle game, and yeah, I enjoy this kinda game. There are 50 different styles of rooms. In order to escape from each room, ones need to constantly observe, judge, calculate and more. It is fun, challenging game and worth the download. Sometimes I got stuck in a room for quite longer than expected. And I remember completing the game with doesn't-make-sense escape solution in some room. And, the trick when I am confused overboard, I watch the walkthrough video at Youtube to escape from certain room. Haha. Overall, it is fun. Have you play this game?

Actually I wanna list up to 15 games that I ever play before, but then I got blank. There are some other games that I play before, will simply just list down here, like Congkak, Car driving game, Bubble Shooter, Sudoku, Word Search, Cooking Madness, Grand Hotel Mania and more. Okay, banyak jugak ye. Anyway, thank you for reading this till the end. If you're a bit boring like I am right now, can try download the game and have fun friends. Have a nice day.

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