Hansaegee Nature Malaysia - A 100% Quality Korean Made Skin Care

by - February 03, 2020

Hansaegee Nature Malaysia - A 100% Quality Korean Made Skin Carea. Happy new year everyone. New year, new resolutions. As for me, adding some new goals and still carry forward some of my 'azam' from last year. Whatever it is, keep trying and trying to achieve it. You know, there's always a room of improvements, right. Fighting! You can do it! An energetic intro it seems. Grin. Beauty talk for today is about my every year goal, having a glass skin. I wish! Surely for everyone, especially ladies, beauty is in our top priority list. Beautiful inside and outside. Isn't it? 

How to achieve it? The same all usual tips, take care of your daily habit, drink enough plain water, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food, eat less sugar and salt, have a good rest, have enough sleep, do exercise, and honestly for me, adding beauty/health supplements and choose your skincare wisely also necessary when you set the goal. After all, the key is hardworking, 'rajin'. It is only a waste even if you spend so much money buying expensive supplements and skincare products if you're lazy to consume and apply it. So, please kill this lazy guy! So, today I will share one of my favorite skincare brand that I have been using for the past year and it is worth the try. It's Hansaegee Nature

Hansaegee Nature
If this is your first time hearing about it, Hansaegee Nature is a skincare brand founded since year 2011, that offers good quality and safety products to customers. Hansaegee Nature based in Malaysia and all products are 100% original made in Korea

High Quality & 100% Made In Korea
With the high demand, I believe that the cosmetic industry will be relevant for hundred years. And if we crawl back from the past few years, Korea is one of the most popular country that first brings so much invention in cosmetics field like sheet mask, bb cushion and many more. And up until now, they are so many new skincare brands invented. Korea, the popular country with their plastic surgery, are leading in beauty field. I believe that, there are millions of Korean Skincare fans out there (count me in). 

With that been said, I start to explore, try and test so many skincare products from Korea and luckily most of them are so wonderful, including Hansaegee Nature. They provide high quality and 100% original ingredients skincare product from Korea. And all ingredients of products are legally approved by Malaysia authority board and also Korea, they are safe to use. All products are manufactured from Korea, and warehouse located in Malaysia. 

Available On Official Website
To ensure the quality of each product, Hansaegee Nature products can only be purchased online on their official website (www.hansaegee.com/shop). We are unable to get the product in other retail stores like Watsons, Guardian or other online channel and even there are no agent is available for Hansaegee Nature products. Get the product directly on their official website or WhatsApp service. 

Varieties of Skincare Product
Hansaegee Nature provide varieties of skincare products. One of their best seller products will be Gold Nano CC Cream for more than 6 years, and in order to provide more complete skin care experience to customer; In 2016, Hansaegee Nature have started launching their in house Brand “Hansaegee Nature” Aqua Whitening Cream. Follow up Hansaegee Nature by Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser in year 2018, all products of course 100% Original made in Korea. Furthermore, they also venture into Eye Care, Facial Mask and lots of new skin care products.

Personal Experience With Hansaegee Nature Products
I can say that, the uniqueness of the product catches my eyes first. Aqua Whitening Cream is the first product that I try from this brand. A cream that turns into water drops as rubbed on skin, absorb well, leaving a moist and healthy looking skin is awesome! From that I start to add more product from the brand one by one to give it a try. The cleanser, Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser is very convenient and fun to apply, liquid form that turns into bubbles form after every pump, clean the face at the same time soothes the skin with Aloe Vera as the main ingredient.

The star product from Hansaegee Nature, Gold Nano CC Cream that become a favorite product for the fans, comes with SPF, have a nice texture, lightweight and I loved that it give a natural looking finish. I am in love with this three products so much. Furthermore, they are No Paraben, No Sulfate, No Alcohol

Other products that I try, the eye care product, Time Lock Eye Cream and facial mask also nice. Overall, I can say that the basic skin care products are available at Hansaegee Nature; from cleanser that removes impurities, moisturizing cream that helps to repair skin, give moisture, an eye cream helping to fade away the ageing lines and lastly the daily cream to protect from sun rays and give a nice finish. Sometimes, the simple the better right. 

Excellent Service
Apart from website, Hansaegee Nature also owned Instagram Page, Facebook Page, Youtube Page, Twitter and Blog to share Skincare tips and information with public, to make sure customers always get the correct and updated skincare knowledge. Customers also can always get contact with Hansaegee Nature easily via WhatsApp Service, Live Chat (Website), Email and Phone Call so that we can get information of the products, skin consult or ask any question. The feedback service is fast and efficient. They always care about customers. 

Benefits & Advantages
Why I like to shop at Hansaegee Nature:
-Free delivery within whole Malaysia for purchase more RM70 and above.
-Rewards point service that will never expired. Can redeem/use this point for next purchase. Upon sign up for member, got 50 free points.
-Super Fast delivery service process. Delivery by Gdex or Pos Laju. 
-Payment Method also easy, by using Online Bank Transfer Or Credit Card (via ipay88); Boost Apps (via ipay88); GrabPay (via ipay88); ATM Deposit. 

Another things that are special when we shop at Hansaegee Nature, they always give FREE Gift! Everyone love this right (most of the customers love this service!). They have many types of free gift to choose like water bottle, care pouch, mirror, mask, cosmetic bag and many more that are always updated. Click this link to the gift page for detail, Member Benefits

In addition, on the website also has the Review and Tutorial part that makes it more convenient and trustworthy. Review, sharing about some skin care tips to customers. Tutorial, sharing about product tutorial to customer. And all products have detail descriptions and information, we are able to search in the website easily. 

Overall, products from Hansaegee Nature are worth the try. They provide high quality products, 100% Original made in Korea, product are safe to use and legally approved by Malaysia authority board, nice and unique products with No Paraben, No Sulfate and No Alcohol. With excellent customer services and benefits, I definitely recommend to you. Give it a try pretty! And I hope to see more products from Hansaegee Nature. For further information and details, visit their website. Link below. 

Hansaegee Nature 

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