PGMall Reliable E-Commerce Platform With Massive Promotion

by - October 15, 2020

PGMall Reliable E-Commerce Platform With Massive Promotion

PGMALL - The only Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia 
The emergence of online shopping in our life make the purchase easier, faster, time saving and much more money saving. It have been widely known and accepted as a way of purchasing product and services. And one of my favorite e-commerce when shop online is PGMall. PGMall is a Malaysian online shopping platform, established since 2017 operate by PGMall Sdn. Bhd. aimed to serve consumer with a great online shopping experience. For your information, PGMall is the only Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia! Wow, definitely proud to mention. Let's explore PGMall now. 

PGMall offers varieties of goods from wide range categories like home appliances, kitchen and dining, gold, silver & jewellery, groceries, electronic accessories and devices, mobile and tablet, man and woman fashion, sports and travel, health and beauty product and many more. There are also a lot of benefits to explore with PGMall.

And for your information, according to the Iprice insight report (, PGMall ranked top 3 e-commerce site! It’s growing bigger, trustable and reliable shopping platform. As to make a great user shopping experience, PGMall accept all e-wallets and payment gateway. Yeah, for those who like to pay using GrabPay, Boost, TnG eWallet and Maybank QRPay, it is available on PGMall. And there are a lot of promotion for existing and new shopper on PGMall. Don’t have an account yet? Register now, it’s free. Let’s shop now and check out their latest promotions.

Proudly Local 
Good news, PGMall now are having Proudly Local campaign that happening from July until December 2020. Shop for essential home product from local brand and use the coupon code when checking out. Coupon Code: KBBM20 for RM20 OFF with Min Spend RM50 and use Coupon Code: KBBM30 to get RM30 OFF with Min Spend RM100. There are plenty of product offered from groceries, kids & baby product, health & beauty product, fashion, electronics & appliances and many more. Let’s support our local products #BarangBaikBarangKita. Shop now at

Public Bank
Special promotion for Public Bank account user, exclusive for new shopper, you can get 20% off with minimum spend RM30 (capped at RM 20) when checking out. This promotion are available on Public Bank website and valid from 5th Oct to 31st December 2020.

Maybank QRPAY 
If you’re a Maybank card holder, you can enjoy RM3 Off with minimum spend of RM15 upon checking out using Maybank QRPAY. This promotion valid from 12th Oct to 11th Nov 2020 and exclusive for new shopper only.

Worry not, if you’re a mobile app user, and using the app for online payment, there’s also benefit for you from PGMall. Exclusive for new shopper only, for Huawei user, you can enjoy RM3 OFF with minimum purchase RM15 and above in a single receipt. This promotion are available on Huawei member centre app.

For Oppo smartphone user, also can get RM3 OFF with only RM15 minimum spending. This promotion valid from 5th Oct to 31st December 2020 for new shopper. It’s available on Oppo apps.

It’s is very convenient to shopper when PGMall accept all e-wallets and payment gateway. With all the advantages and many promotion given, it is a great deal to start shop now at PGMall. For more info, visit PGMall now.


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  1. mudah skrang bnyk platform online
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  2. Ooo they have smartphone as well? I bought only groceries here 😀

  3. Memang banyaj promosi dan tawaran pg mall ni

  4. Pgmall ni duk beli barang2 mknn..servis dari seller pun cepat

  5. Mmg best platform PG Mall ni..ramai beli emas kan

  6. can some one give me a decent explanation of e-commerce, e-business and e-marketing, could you also give me a few simple examples of each one. thankyou.

  7. Thanks for sharing E commorce platform I'm always confused about it and just looking for good reviews.


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