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by - February 03, 2021

9 Benefits of The Best CC Cream with Sunscreen | Hansaegee Nature. Greetings and Salam to all. How are you doing? Currently in January 2021, we are in the middle of MCO (Movement Control Order), CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) and some places undergo RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order) since the pandemic covid19 cases hit 3K daily here in Malaysia recently. Going outside bila ada keperluan penting sahaja ye. Stay safe and stay at home if possible and if you really need to go outside, kindly follow the regulations implemented by the Government, wear your face mask, kerap cuci tangan, jaga jarak social and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen during the day. 

I’ve got mine, Gold Nano CC Cream from Hansaegee Nature. So, today I’m gonna share my experience using the cream. I am not a beauty expert nor ingredients analysist, so just enjoy reading from an ordinary people point of view. Peace! 

Hansaegee Nature
Before we go further, let me tell you a little bit about Hansaegee Nature. Hansaegee Nature is a skincare brand that offer high quality and safety product. All products are 100% original made in Korea. And all ingredients of products are safe to use, legally approved by Malaysia authority board and also Korea. I have tried their Aqua Cream before and I keep repeating how I love the water drops cream texture was in my previous review. So this time around, I will share my experience with Gold Nano CC Cream. Let’s see how it is. 

What is CC Cream? 
Basically, CC Cream is short for “colour correcting” or “complexion corrector”. Specifically CC Cream is formulated to correct discoloration like dullness, redness, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and other. Advanced formulations within CC Creams give benefits like brightening, moisturizing, correct skin tone, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles – look for the ingredient offered and most CC creams nowadays are formulated with SPF. The cream also feels lightweight and fast absorbing. So let’s continue with the review. 

Gold Nano CC Cream
Gold Nano CC Cream is an all in one day cream. It is a color control and brightening cream, help to brighten skin tone, make skin look sleek and luminous while keeping it moisture all day long with natural finish. Gold Nano CC Cream also formulated with SPF 50+ PA+++ to give sun protections and it also comes with Anti-Wrinkle benefits. Looking for a natural glowing effect, give moisture and light feeling cream? Let’s give it Gold Nano CC Cream a try.  

3 Main Ingredients 
Gold Nano CC Cream is a vegan-friendly product. There are 3 main ingredients in Gold Nano CC Cream, Mineral Water, Ipomoea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract and Nano Gold. Mineral Water keep skin PH balance, reinforces skin penetrating depth, involved in active vitamin and help to increase skin elasticity. While Ipomoea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract helps to relieves skin irritation, have anti-bacterial effect and relieves skin trouble. Another star ingredient is Nano Gold that widely used to prevent aging skin, also help to block far-infrared radiation, have high antimicrobial activity and high in antioxidative activity. For more product detail, please visit https://hansaegee.com/shop/s-recover-cc-cream.html.

As I saw the ingredients list on the packaging, there are made up of more than 5 UV-filter ingredients (some are; Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) and I notice this cream also have brightening properties like Niacinamide and Adenosine. Not only Vegan-friendly product, this cream also Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free and Alcohol-Free that make it Muslim-friendly, safe and suitable for all skin type. In complete, Gold Nano CC Cream is formulated to balance and correct skin tone naturally, give sun protection with SPF 50+ PA+++, keeping skin smooth and glowing naturally. 

Gold Nano CC Cream Benefits
* Sun UV Protection SPF50+ PA++ 
* Balance Skin Naturally
* Glowing Skin, Smooth Skin
* Can act as Makeup Base or Makeup Primer
* Prevent Aging Skin, Increase Skin Elasticity
* Brightening
* Minimised Pore Appearance
* Keep Moisture
* Relieves Skin Trouble

Direction For Use
Apply toner on a clean face follow by essence or moisturizer on the face. Then apply CC Cream using fingertips (not by brush), blend it to whole face evenly. Give natural and glowing skin look whole day fresh. Use: Face & Neck

Sleek & Sturdy Packaging, 50ml Cream Volume
This cream comes in a sleek and sturdy plastic, white color packaging with pretty nice quality. Yet the packaging is sturdy, but it is easy to pump the cream out. I personally like the packaging as it can easily slip into my small handbag and nothing to worry about packaging being broken out. That’s makes this CC Cream convenient to bring anywhere. The packaging also tight with gold color cover that comes with twist-lock cap, so that the cream will not leak and packaging remain clean. With that being said, the 50ml cream volume will be use best without the slightest wastage. 

Each tube of Gold Nano CC Cream contain 50 ml cream. I have been using the cream about three weeks and still have more than half unused (I assume - considering the weight just feel a little bit light now). Since the packaging cannot be seen-through, so a bit challenging to know when the cream runs out. I think it can last about two month when use daily depending on usage. 

Moisture Texture, White Color Cream
Gold Nano CC Cream has a moisture texture cream formulation, lighter consistency like a whipped airy texture, not runny. It did smell a subtle fresh scent upon applying and fade away slowly after. The cream physically in white color, after blend a bit it show some tiny brown capsules within the white color cream (picture above). I was impressed with the result after blend a bit more, it slowly change color to brownish-like color as you can see in the picture above. 

Correct & Balance Skin Tone Naturally
As I apply and swatch the cc cream onto my skin (picture below) and blend it, it did balance my skin tone. The cc cream change color to meet my skin tone naturally at the same time help to cover uneven skin tone. Honestly, I am no-makeup-person. I don’t enjoy much putting makeup or something heavy onto my face. Mainly because I am too lazy to clean up the mess I will make, because I tak reti makeup, kalau pakai makeup pun mesti jadi buruk, sigh. And I did have past experience when my skin behave inappropriately after trying so much makeup product. So I’m giving a pause to makeup since then. For now. 

Brighten Skin Tone
Let the picture talk please, I really need to thanks this cream because obviously you can see how uneven my skin was. With just a little of cream, it can save my day. Gold Nano CC Cream help brighten my skin tone naturally and cover uneven skin tone. Say goodbye to dullness. Yaayy. As for the coverage, it did works as its name, CC- Color Control.  I can say that this cream gives a sheer coverage, gives the least amount of pigment that help to brighten up complexion, redness, dullness and uneven skin tone. 

To hide any flaws or acne scars on the skin, need to apply foundation that can give a better coverage. Can apply foundation right after CC Cream as Nano Gold CC Cream can act as makeup base or premier to balance skin tone and keep makeup long lasting. Yeah, you read it right. Other than can just use this CC Cream itself without makeup, simple and easy, it also can use as makeup primer or makeup base. Makeup will look vibrant and vivid! I did swatch some eye shadow and blusher (picture below), as you can see, makeup on top cc cream definitely more beautiful. Makeup lover, you might wanna try this Gold Nano CC Cream. And for me that always wear this cc cream without makeup, I notice that, the more I layered the cream the brighter my face become, but still in a natural finished. 

Blusher and Eye Shadow – With and Without Gold Nano CC Cream

Clean using normal cleanser. Last test with Micellar Water – No Residue Left

Easy to Apply, Easy to Blend, Easy to Clean
Despite all the hustle and struggle with skin condition right now, I enjoy applying Gold Nano CC Cream very much. The cream is easy to apply, just apply using fingers no need to use brush. And it only need less than 3 minutes and you’re ready to go outside. Save the time, also save the product. Need to berjimat cermat lah. The cream also blend easily. Not a hard work at all. I like it. Really suite those who are always busy and rushing all the time. Simple and easy step for daily routine

Not only easy to apply, easy to clean too. I think I need to highlight this point too. You know, thing that make life easier is a blessed. I like this cream as it can be easily clean. During break hour, I don’t take much time to prepare before prayer time. Same goes after a long tired day at work, return home at 6 in the evening, just need few minutes to get ready before night time. I just use a normal bubble cleanser I always use, the cc cream easily washed off. As I test using micellar water right after cleansing using facial cleanser, it turns out, just using normal facial cleanser also can easily remove all the dirt, there are no residue left, face is clean

Not Greasy & Not Cakey
I really enjoy applying this cream because it didn’t give any sticky feeling, not oily even during noon. In the afternoon, normally my face become a bit oily especially t-zone area because of sweating. But still, my face with Gold Nano CC Cream still look nice, feel comfortable without greasy feeling even when sweating. My face still look fresh, not cakey and not crack/’tak bercapuk’, moreover it become more glowing and natural looking. I love it! So tak risau kalau tengah hari, lunch time if berpeluh just gently dap the oil on face with tissue. And I always re-apply a bit cc cream after that, skin look nice!

Comfortable & Lightweight
What I like more about this cream is it feel very comfortable to wear and light feeling. Definitely suitable for those who do not like to wear heavy makeup. Comfortable as in, the cc cream feel lightweight, no heavy feeling, rasa macam tak pakai apa-apa dekat muka. Applying cc cream have never been so excited to me before I try Gold Nano CC Cream. Because it is lightweight and easy to clean, this cream also doesn’t clog my pores. I don’t experience any new breakouts since using this cream.

Smooth, Moist, Glowing Naturally 
Not only this cream brighten the face naturally, the cream also give a smooth feeling when applying. I really love the natural looking finished when applying this cream. My skin also look fresh and glowing naturally. No more dull skin anymore. As I enjoy using the cream for a couple of weeks, I notice that this cream also able to minimised pores appearance, thanks for the Niacinamide ingredient that rich in vitamin B3, help to improve enlarged pores and uneven skin tone, making my skin looks smooth. Skin also feel moist, no dry feeling. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight feeling day cream that give natural looking finish, help to brighten skin naturally and at the same time have SPF to protect from sun rays, I recommend you to try Gold Nano CC Cream. It is good for a simple, easy and fast daily use. Gold Nano CC Cream also vegan and Muslim-friendly, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Alcohol-Free and suitable for all skin type. Repurchase intent? Definitely yes! For more info, visit Hansaegee Nature, link below. 

🍁Brand: Hansaegee Nature

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