My First Experience at Sushi King

by - July 15, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum

My First Experience at Sushi King. Yeah, food mood is around here. I am sorry to show some of tasty food here. Jangan terliur tau. If you're drooling while reading this entry, please head out to Sushi King outlet near your house tomorrow. So this is my first experience eating sushi at Sushi King. I am not a city girl who hangs out at mall every time. So, I am a bit amazed​ by myself, at least I have taste the Sushi, that's enough​ for the intro. Hoho.

Sushi King Aman Central

So, I have been visiting Aman Central Alor Setar last Thursday. Aman Central is a shopping center in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. It is located at the intersection of Jalan Tambang Badak and Jalan Teluk Wanjah, along Lebuhraya Darulaman opposite Alor Setar Tower-(Wikipedia). The biggest mall in Alor Setar I believe, where everything comes together. There are so many tenants at the mall including Sushi King. The list and directory is here (Link). Sushi King is on 4th floor (4 33-A & 35). Take the ascelator till you reach 4th floor and Sushi King is right in front of your eyes.

Sushi King Alor Setar
Sushi King Aman Central

What can I say, the surrounding of the new mall itself is luxurious. And I really love the warm environment at Sushi King autlet. Dia tak cerah tak gelap sangat tempatnya, just nice to hang out and borak-borak sambil makan. Yayyy. Thanks for the lovely lighting, I can capture such a beauty photo of sushi there. Haha. 

First time hearing about Sushi King? Sushi King is a chain of restaurants serves quality sushi and other Japanese cuisine at affordable prices in a warm and friendly environment. What sets Sushi King apart is the personal touch of serving freshly made sushi on the kaiten for customers to pick up and enjoy. Reach out the moving sushi plate in front of your eyes and enjoy the sushi. 

So, what kind of beverage and sushi I tasted? Here are the lists with some yummy photo taken. Grin.

Matcha ice cream

Beverage and Dessert
1. Matcha Ice-Cream - A tasty and fresh Green Tea ice-cream with a red bean paste and whipped cream filling on top surely are a yummy one. I'm giving 5/5 Thanks for the yummy green tea taste.
2. Honey Green Tea - Fresh taste of green tea, stir to taste the honey. For those who love less sugar in drink, this is the one for you. And me. 4/5
What I want to try next time: Ice Blackcurrant Lemon

Sushi King Aman Central

So, sushi is about rice. No rice, no sushi. Sushi King use tasty Japonica Rice. The rice serve is prepared and cooked with traditional Japanese way to deliver exceptional taste and texture. The shari (rice ball) for sushi is seasoned with premium sushi vinegar and mixed gently for extra deliciousness in each bite of sushi.

Basically, the taste of the rice is the same. What makes every sushi different (name and taste) is the ingredients used for each one. Here are the full list menu on kaiten at Sushi King (Link). The rating below are all my taste. You know, everyone have their own taste on food. Hehe. And for me (first time taste buds test for sushi), I can say that I am a person with not-a-picky-eater character. Hehe. 

Nigiri - Vinegared rice balls topped with fresh, choice ingredients.
1. Inari - Sweet beancurd skin 3/5
2. Premium Salmon - Raw Salmon 4/5
3. Ebi Ten - Tenpura Prawn. I love this the most 5/5

Sushi King

Gunkan - Vinegared sushi rice balls wrapped with seaweed, topped with fresh, choice ingredients.
1. Tuna Mayo - Tuna mayonnaise. I love Tuna and I love mayo so 5/5
2. Salmon Mayo - Salmon mayonnaise. Another tasty combination with mayo so 5/5
3. Tsubukko - Fish roe. Not very much to my liking 4/5
4. Kani Tobikko - Crabstick mayonnaise with fish roe 4/5
5. Chuka Lidakko - Seasoned baby octopus 5/5
6. Tobikko - Flying fish roe 4/5
7. Egg Mayo - Egg mayonnaise with fish roe. This is the one that I can't swallow. Combination egg with mayo is not my liking so 2/5

Want to try:
Tori Karaage, Golden Ball and Inari Boat Tuna Mayo.

Egg Mayo

Other food serve:
Maki - Rolls of vinegared rice and seaweed wrapped with fresh, choice ingredients.
Tsumami - Appetisers to tease your palate.

The sushi serve is all fresh and it taste good too. Suite my appetite since I am not a picky eater. Thankfully for the different plate color that make it more easy for me to calculate and stick to my budget. Hehe. Yes, the price is according to the plate color. The price for Blue Plate is (RM2), Beige (RM3), Pink (RM4), Red (RM5) and Purple Plate (RM6). Definitely that 'the more expensive one' have my love more. Haha.

Price Sushi King

And, if you are worry about how it taste for the first time, I suggest you to order beverage with a little bit sour on taste, like something with lemon or else. This might help. So, thank you Sushi King for the RM50 voucher given(even the cashier ask me whether I am working at Sushi King. I thought, it must be few who make payment with voucher right? Hehe). 

Shad x Angah

So, I enjoy very much eating the sushi. Overall, I am giving 5/5 for the tasty food&drinks and good service. The price is reasonable. Definitely will have another round of sushi-picking and eating next time. Thank you again. Oh, before I forget, Sushi King is Halal certified. Enjoy eating gaiys! *I am not paid to write this review. All of the rating above are my personal opinion and 100% honest. 

Sushi King

Sushi King
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Instagram: @sushikingmalaysia

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    1. Sekali sekala boleh, kalau selalu mAh nipis wallet. Hehe

  2. kak shadd jom jumpaaa.. hehe. dok area2 dkt ja kita ni sebenarnyaa

    1. Laaa, dekat ja ka. Busyra duk area AS ka? Kak Shad duk Jitra. Nanti bila2 boleh jumpaaa.. Yayy, ada geng nak sembang2 cerita blogging ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  3. Woww, boleh makan ye.. hebat. kak wawa can't go ngan sushi, rasa macam dia mentah je. hehe

    1. Untuk first time ni, boleh telan jugak tapi tak banyak. Hehe.

  4. Tak pernah makan sushi dekat sushi king. Macam lagi best je dari jepun sebab banyak variety.

    1. Banyak jenis jugak sushinya. Nanti try rasa sekali dekat Sushi King tau.

  5. Tak pernah lagi makan kt sushi king ;___; but that's probably because I'm not a fan of sushi to begin with. Ramai cakap sushi dia best and tak muak makan.

    ieyra h. | beauty blog

    1. Nah, shad pun not a fan. Hehe. Tapi teringin nak try sushi, itu yang ter'pergi', ter'rasa' dan ter'sedap' pulak. Hehe.

  6. kalau nak suruh pilih, sally prefer lagi sushi kat Sakae Sushi rather than Sushi King..hahaha...entah la.a..lain orang lain la selera dia kan! :D

  7. yeaaaay tahniah dah ada tu baby step untuk fall in love dengan Sushi King.. hehe..


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