Happy Birthday Althea | AltheaTurns2 Exciting Celebration

by - July 09, 2017

Greetings and Assalamualaikum.

Happy Birthday Althea | AltheaTurns2 Exciting Celebration. Happy weekend to all and please give a big smile, because it is Althea birthday celebration this month. Althea turns 2! Wishing you a blast year and a Happy Birthday. Thank you for being an awesome online KBeauty shop to KBeauty fans (please count me in). I am very happy to become one of the Althean. Thank you for selling an authentic KBeauty product in much cheaper price that fly straight from Korea to my doorstep. Althea-The world's largest online Korean beauty store with the lowest prices shipped directly from Korea.

Althea Turns 2 Birthday Haul

Opps, what is more happening is coming through, please prepare yourself. Sorry if this entry might influence you to spend money. Haha. Exciting Althea Birthday is happening now from 3rd July to 31st July 2017. There are many exciting things happening on Althea birthday month. Check out the long list below beauty.

Althea Birthday Box

1. Limited Edition Althea Birthday Box 
This time around, the box comes with design that looks like a cake! Yeah, what I love about Althea is their exclusive box. Collecting the box become more exciting with the cute design. 

2. Birthday Kits for lucky early bird shoppers
Hoyeayh, be a cake decorator once in a while and decorate our own Althea birthday cake would be fun right? Be creative and you might win flight to Korea from Althea!

DIY Birthday Kit

3. Birthday sample pack for lucky early bird shoppers
What else is exciting when there are so many things to be giving away. Receiving so many gift is like having a happy injections​ in life. Right am I? So exciting! Thank you Althea.

Free Sample Althea Birthday

4. Birthday Sales & Promotions for customers
As always, Althea never disappoint their fans. Thank you for your love. Hehe. Thank you for the best deal ever. Here we goes, what I purchased recently at Althea. I am sorry, coz I wanna show off my birthday goodies here. They are all among the best-selling products at Althea. What a nice pick eh? Hehe.

What I Bought:
1. Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo RM25
2. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum RM61
3. Innisfree Green Tea Cleanser Foam RM24
4. It's Skin VC Effector RM25
5. SkinFood Black Sugar Mask RM20

Yeah, I have been loving Innisfree Green Tea range for quite some time. Really fall in love with the nice scent of the Green Tea. 

Althea Turns 2 Haul

5. Althea Birthday Giveaway Festival (Website)
Last month, Althea was having Raya Giveaway Festival which we can choose one(1) free gift and the excitement is continuing with Althea Birthday Giveaway Festival this July. Appreciation​ for customers, Althea are giving out free products on July to add into cart. Yes, they are in real size product and absolutely free! First comes first serve. Kena cepat-cepat masuk free gift dalam cart, checkout and make payment, sebab they are out of stock so faaassstt!!

6. Althea Beauty Box July
Birthday Makeup Box (theme) released on 3rd July. Oh, I might say that you should hurry, because something like super saving beauty box always sold out so fast! 

7. Shop & Win Contest
This is another awesome​ activities happening during 3rd July to 30th July 2017. Althea are having Weekly Lucky Shopper Contest to win Althea credits. There are 6 winners per week to win some Althea shopping credits (one winner each week per country). Total will be 24 winners to win Althea shopping credits worth RM1000, SGD 300, PH10,000, IDR3,000,000, TH8,000 or USD200 according to the country. What we need to do is shop from Althea during that period (3rd July - 30th July) to stand a chance to win $200 Althea credits. Simple isn't it. Let's shop and try our luck pretty!
Terms and Conditions: shop-win-contest

8. Fly Me to Korea Contest
This is the biggest contest ever from Althea so far. Calling all KBeauty fanatics and Althea fans who have an Instagram account out there, here are something amazing for you. It is Instagram #AltheaTurns2 Instagram Birthday Contest. What you need to do? Just Snap & Show off your decorated birthday box to win amazing prizes from Althea! Yeah, the grand prize are Round Trip Flight to Korea for two (2) Pax*!! Awesome isn't it?

How to Participate?
1. Shop on Althea to get birthday box and birthday DIY kit.
2. Follow instructions to make "Althea Birthday Cake".
3. Take a picture of your creations
4. Share your picture on Instagram with #AltheaTurns2 + birthday caption to enter.

Contest Period: 3rd July until 15th August, 2017, 11.59pm MYT

The best Instagram sharing of the "Althea Birthday Cake" with birthday caption and hashtag #AltheaTurns2 will stand a chance to win the following prizes:
Grand Prize: Round Trip Flight to Korea for two (2) Pax
First Prize: One (1) Year Free Shopping On Althea
Second Prize: Three (3) Months Free Shopping On Althea
Consolation Prizes: Althea USD100 Shopping Credits x10

For more info and terms & condition, visit here, http://blog.althea.kr/2017/07/fly-me-to-korea-contest.html

9. 20days of Beauty Giveaway (Instagram)
This is another fun activities happening during Althea Birthday celebration. 20days of Beauty Giveaway on @Altheakorea. Check out Altheakorea Instagram and try your luck to win the awesome giveaway this month (day 1 giveaway start on 3rd July). The winners announcement are here, http://blog.althea.kr/2017/07/20-days-of-beauty-giveaway-winners.html

10. Facebook Weekly Giveaway 
Don't have Instagram? Worry not bcoz there are a little extra giveaway runs at Facebook. This giveaway is applicable for Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore only​. Do check out Althea Facebook for more info. The contest run every Monday of July.

Althea Birthday Haul

Thank you Althea for the love you give back to Althea fans. Most appreciated that. Wishing you a successful now and in the future. Thank you for being the best KBeauty online shop for the fans! So, KBeauty lovers, let's shop at Althea and be the lucky one to win some prizes! 

Do check out Althea Facebook & Instagram for more information. Thank you for reading, love. Have a nice day and happy shopping. 

Althea Korea
Instagram: Altheakorea
Facebook: Altheamalaysia

Credit info and banner image goes to Althea.kr. 

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5 Comment

  1. ehehe saja Shad eh nak soh orang shopping hehe.. packaging Althea ni dahla lawa lawa.. CT ada target few things tapi tak beli2 lagi.. dok tunda je..

    1. Hehe. Kita nak menghasut ni.. Jom shopping dekat Althea bulan ni, Mana tau rezeki lucky draw menang shopping credit dari Althea. Shopping sakann..

  2. Tak pernah beli dekat althea lagi selalu beli dekat hermo tapi comel betul packaging dia omg

    1. Hermo best gak, shad selalu shopping kalau nak cepat(3hari sampai dah) & kalau time ada sale, lepastu beli dua brg dpt free pos, hehe.

      Althea best sebab harga lagi murah.. Box dia cute amat. Hehe. Tapi satu saja, kena tunggu lama sikit (dlm 10days) sbb fly from Korea gituu.. hehe.

  3. I'm loving your haul! A lot of Innisfree stuffs! Hehe. I personally have tried the Green tea serum and been loving it ever since. It's Skin tu pulak memang salah satu wishlist akak kt Althea. :D

    ieyra h. | beauty blog


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